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“Modern Warfare 3” sets sales records

Making sales and taking names...

The early sales are being counted and in an entirely stunning development, foreseen by absolutely nobody whomsoever, Activision and Infinity Ward’s FPS juggernaut “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” has sold quite a few copies.

Six million or so, worldwide, to be exact, indicating that the “Modern Warfare” brand is good for at least one million more sales than the “Call of Duty” marque on its own, depending on which website you look at and if you care a jot.

More of the same, but if it ain't broke...

Sales are one thing – anybody sentient knows that this thing is going to be big – but reviews and initial reception are quite another.  The reviews embargo broke earlier today and the likes of Games Central, OXM UK, Joystiq and even movie magazine Empire giving the game very positive reviews – at this point, it would appear, the people at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games might just have an idea or two about how to make these games and make them huge sellers.  The Metacritic is at a sterling 90 out 100 on Xbox 360 as I write this, fact fans.

With the five-hour campaign being the only aspect of these games that I generally get into – having myself multi-player murderized consistently by garrulous pre-teen racists on Xbox Live has never been my idea of an evening well spent – this is sounding like a solid rental to me, but I’m only too aware that is many gamers highlight of the year.  If you’ve picked it up and made your way through the game, feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you enjoyed it – is it really as good as the reviews would have us believe?

For a final word on the game as it releases into the wild, why not take a gander at what Penny Arcade’s Tycho has to say?

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Acti/Infinity Ward shenanigans – what the what?

MegaTon, anybody?

If you’ve been following game news sites on the internets over the last few hours, you could be forgiven for thinking that things have gone slightly doo-lally over at Infinity Ward and Activision.

Dan Amrich over One of Swords has the word from inside Acti HQ, which gives a bit more detail.

Eurogamer has a take, as does Kotaku..

NeoGaf’s thread voices the belief that most gamers neither know nor care who creates the “Call of Duty” games, so long as one happens along every year and has sweet multi-player action for the Live gamerhood.

And you know, I don’t think that they’re that far off the mark in that assessment…

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Obligatory “Activision Sucks!” Post Du Jour

Activision Logo

Via the excellent Eurogamer, a great piece on Kotick’s showmanship, Activision’s success and what their CEO’s more extravagant proclaimations mean for the future of the post-console, post On Live industry.

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Gamers meet your Nemesis

The Man does not rock

The Man does not rock

My resolve crumbles as “Modern Warfare 2” approaches – and this man knows it…

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