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“Borderlands” Claptrap wants to spend special time with you…


Lovely robot chappie Claptrap has a romantic message for all PC gamers feeling hurt and let down by the first game’s port – and he promises to make things better in the second game.  Oh yeah, baby…

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“Borderlands 2” trailer – dubstepped for your pleasure

Borderlands 2. Gunnier than ever before.

If you enjoyed Gearbox’s splendidly insane RPG shooter “Borderlands”, you’ll be very cheered up by a look at the trailer for the second instalment, due in your local emporium from September 2012.

"Borderlands 2" - now with much less violence. Ahem...

Same art style, new characters, more gun parts to craft and combine, the return of a lovely dancing friend and more mayhem than can reasonably be fitted comfortably into three minutes – I’d say that it’s worth a look.


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