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Your move, creep…

Everything old is new again.

Black-clad, ticked-off, just a little Swedish – meet your new Robocop. Image via the telephoto ninjas at ComingSoon.Net.

No sooner has Len Wiseman‘s apparently fairly anemic Total Recall come and gone from our cinemas than news reaches me of the next Paul Verhoeven film due for an unjustified kicking nifty remake and remodel.

“Robocop”, Jose Padilha’s spin on the dark future of law enforcement, has begun to lens in Canada and the first paparazzo pics have hit the net – we have the fine droogs at ComingSoon.Net to thank for the image shown above.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the new Robocop depicted above – I’m getting a distinct “G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra”/“Guyver”/every movie with a hero strapped into a body-conscious slab of matt black body armour vibe from what new Murphy, Joel Kinnaman is wearing in that long shot.

Black is the new…black?

Of course, it’s easy to be snarky when all that you’re seeing is a quickly snapped photograph, taken at a distance, of what adds up to first pass, location photography – we’ve not seen how/if the armour will be enhanced, the subtleties of Kinnaman’s physical performance and what direction Padilha’s production is directing.  It’s a little early to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ based on one photograph, but this is the internet, so I’m sure that some bunch of forumite taste makers has already called the future prospects of this new remake based on this lone pic.

That said?

“Can you fly, Bobby?”

Don’t mess with my Robo, losers – or I’ll send Clarence Boddicker, Detroit’s lethal legend, after your Gucci Loafer-sporting, corporate suited butts.  And he’s not a nice man (YouTube link contains NSFW awesomeness…)



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“Todd and The Book of Pure Evil” – Metal High School Horror busts a gut…


I’ve always been somewhat bemused by the UK wing of SyFy. It seems not to show quite as much terrible guff as its US parent channel – no wrestling or cookery shows for us – with the latest example of divergent programming being their new Canadian import, “Todd and The Book of Pure Evil”, which began its UK run on Tuesday night.

This is an insubstantial but amusing enough half-hour horror comedy which trades mostly in gross-out humour and sophomoric high school antics, set in and around Crowley High School (I see what you did there, guys) and the tribulations of titular teen, Todd.

He’s a Heavy Metal-loving dreamer who fantasises about musical fame whilst pining for rock chick Jenny, who doesn’t give a fig for him.  She’s devoted to the hunt for the Book of Pure Evil, which has some role to play in the fate of her parents.  Todd has a one-armed drummer buddy, Curtis, and a nerdy science in the form of Hannah, whose unrequited love for Todd drives the second episode.

If you get the slightest sense that this is reminiscent of early “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, then I wouldn’t disagree with you.


It’s “Buffy” if the proto-feminism and inclusive agenda of that show was slightly jettisoned in favour of a ‘let’s take the piss out of everybody’ world view, balls-to-the-wall gore and a soundtrack which slams together the likes of Children of Bodom and Anvil and amps up the metal archetypes and references to grin-inducing effect.

My inner-Guardian reader is slightly aghast at some of the less PC gags and attitudes (the fate of Jenny’s crap, Chad Kroeger-like boyfriend veered a little towards the homophobic) but my metal head nods in appreciation at the awesome B-movie moments and the character comedy – it’s a tough line to straddle, but I think that I’m going to be sticking with this show.

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Big Brother is here and he’s Canadian

Oh, Canada – you’re supposed to be the reasonable ones.

In the Great White North’s continued efforts to be more right-wing than their North American neighbours, gorgeous pouting Canuck MP Vic Toews (that’s the sexy beast pictured above) has spearheaded a bill making its way through parliament there which would give law enforcement agencies added powers to spy on internet users without need for warrants, due process or any of that inconvenient law stuff.

His angle – because there had to be one – is that if you oppose his bill, you stand with child pornographers.

Yep, that would be the kind of reasoned response that one should expect from an elected official and definitely not an example of hysterical trolling from an unbalanced bully who shouts louder than you until you shut up and let him have his way.

And, of course, yet another example of a politician who uses the emotive subject of child abuse as a tactic to get heinous and unpleasant legislation railroaded into law by appealing to the worse instincts of voting parents – because, of course, those are the only people whose opinions count in society.  If you can scare those guys into voting for you by convincing them that there’s a paedophile hiding around every corner on every street, you can pretty much do anything you want….

Boing Boing has more – if I have any Canadian readers, please tell me that this guy’s regarded as a joke and not somebody likely to get this kind of heinous and freedom-eroding crap passed into law.


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Nickelback strikes back!

It’s a tough life being in the most loathed band in the world.

Beware, Twitter Haters - this man's coming for ya'

Despite having more record sales, successful world tours and fans than they know what to do with, Nickelback still cop for flak wherever they go – mostly, I imagine, from  hipper-than-thou, online-centric,  indie music fanboys.  Or people with ears (sorry – had to go there). And whilst nobody is required to be rational or sensible when discussing music on the internet, I would venture that much of the disdain aimed at the Canadian rock band far outweighs their significance.

You can always, after all, turn to another radio station or ignore them entirely, going about your day as though nothing of value was lost to you.  But then, that’s a rational response to a minor first world problem and that kind of thinking could break the internet forever.

To get back on message, Nickelback have struck back, via the most deadly weapon in any modern media-savvy celebrity’s arsenal – their Twitter feed.

Run for the hills – the drummer’s sent you a mean tweet!  Oh, snap!  That snarky @reply just came from the jewel-encrusted smartphone of Chad Kroeger himself (or the guy that Chad Kroeger employs to…you get the picture).

Where will it all end?  Probably with things going a little something like this (video features very NSFW language).  We can but hope.


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You, Me and Optimus Prime

James Struthers plays scrabble with friend, photo by Emily Enns

Via the lovely Topless Robot blog, I’ve just spent a most enjoyable few minutes watching the video for Canadian singer songwriter James Struthers‘ song, “You, Me and Optimus Prime”.

If I were called upon to describe his music, and to prompt you to check it out at the link above, I’d tell you that he’s somewhere between  Jack Johnson, Jazon Mraz and the awesome Jonathan Coulton – lilting acoustic pop with smart lyrics and a summery feel which is quite refreshing on these currently chilly, dark December days.

Plus, Optimus!  If the noble leader of the Autobots can’t get you to give a young singer songwriter a few minutes of your day, nothing can.

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