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Matt Smith – he does running now. Running is cool.

Leave it to our tiny planet’s most fervent defender to get in some Olympics action.

Yep, TOTALLY getting why he’s a nerdy lust object from that picture…

Not content with being a kooky and suave master of awesome, time-tripping whimsy, current Doctor Who Matt Smith is going to be running with the Olympic torch in Cardiff on Saturday 26th May.

And with a gait as astonishing as Matt’s undoubtedly is, who can blame the organisers for scoring some valuable publicity points by enlisting a celebrity who might actually do a better job at this athletics lark than some of the nominal pros.

If the London 2012 Olympics organisers could somehow be convinced to build a corridor around the 100 metres track this summer, my money would be on the lanky dude with the bow tie winning that event convincingly.


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