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Catch-Up TV Caught Out

My wife is a fan of the Kyra Sedgwick crime drama, The Closer, the final series of which is currently unfurling on UK TV.


All well and good so far.  For reasons connected to long days and tiredness, she missed last Thursday’s episode but rationalised that our cable TV catch-up service would allow her to watch it the next day.  When she came to investigate that possibility the next day, there was no update and no episode to watch.  That state of affairs has continued to today, which is problematic as the catch-up service on our cable only runs for seven days when the next episode is supposed to go up.

My wife could watch the catch-up service on the internet but prefers to watch it on our TV, which I think is understandable – our internet service via cable is usually pretty great unless we want to watch a programme for 40 minutes or so, by which time it becomes so laggy and stuttery that you often can’t watch the end of the show that you started viewing in reasonable quality.  Also, despite what various creative industries seem to want to believe, watching anything on a laptop for a prolonged period of time is bloody annoying and doesn’t approach the experience of seeing the same thing on a decent TV screen.

First world problem? Undoubtedly.  Annoying? Absolutely.  The kind of thing which would drive fans to acquire their TV via routes that broadcasters would prefer we didn’t pursue?  Well, you can see the point of the torrenters when this state of affairs presents itself…

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