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“Avengers” premiere – early buzz leaking out…

Yep, not enough awesome in that pic.

So, there’s this small superhero flick opening in a few weeks – you may have read the odd post about it on this blog?

“The Avengers”  (or “Avengers Assemble“, if you live in a small and confused island in Northern Europe) had a glitzy premiere in Los Angeles last night and has prompted very positive early reactions from the jammy sods press types who were lucky enough to see it.

My personal highlight of the Tweet-fest,  from noted contrarian and geek critic Devin Faraci of BadAssDigest

“AVENGERS is good enough to make me forgive IRON MAN 2“.

Yoink!  Not that “Iron Man 2” was that bad – that Monte Carlo fight scene kicks all kinds of booty – but it’s probably the biggest misstep in Marvel movies to date.  Another movie in a young series which ends with an extended action sequence which plays like a rejected pitch for a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie is not my idea of moving the franchise forward – I’m guessing that the team dynamic of the Avengers squad may have something to do with Faraci’s reaction.

Joss Whedon, nerd-father rising. Haters to the left, if you please...

Your actual, proper reviews are still embargoed but I don’t see that state of affairs continuing much longer if this early buzz is any indicator…




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“Avengers” Assemble new trailer…

Is it the end of April yet?  No?  Oh well, I suppose that I’ll just have to make do with this new trailer for Joss Whedon‘s upcoming “Avengers” movie.

Hulk like trailer! Trailer full of Hulk Win! Hulk smash aliens good!

Of course, you’ll be noticing the odd title change that the film’s had in Europe – presumably so as not to convince the three people who went to see the ill-advised Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman “Avengers” movie back in 1998, the Marvel film is now “Avengers Assemble” in my neck of the global woods.

Well, at least they're not calling it "Super Happy Marvel Team Up Explosion", I suppose...

So, why not head over to our friends at The Mary Sue and get your face smacked up by the new hotness?  If you have Fan/Nerd/Geek Squee, prepare to unleash it.

Guys, what was that thing about Joss Whedon randomly killing us off for giggles?

Once you get past all of the urban combat stuff which looks neat but uncomfortably close to the mise-en-mayhem of Michael Benjamin Bay, there’s a bunch of new stuff in this trailer which had me air-punching and chuckling at the massive scale madness and the toys that Whedon has to play with.

Hawkeye, in the air, shooting arrows at suckers, like a boss...

There may well be a distinct lack of posting on April 26th, by way of an advanced heads-up – it appears that I’ll be too busy picking my jaw up off the floor to do much in the way of blogging…


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New “Avengers” trailer, anyone?

First things first – it’s in German.  So, if you’ve ever entertained the notion of Scarlett Johansson having an even huskier, European accent – your Christmas has arrived early.

For everyone else, there are a few different sequences herein than seen in the earlier teaser trailer – the aforementioned ScarJo meeting Mark Ruffalo in pre-Hulk mode is new.

Scarlett. What else do you need to know?

There’s also a good sense of how sensitive, thoughtful, character-centric geek auteur Joss Whedon gets down when given the opportunity to blow things up:

Stitch that, Michael Bay!

There’s some seriously nice eye-candy for most viewers of this trailer, whether your taste runs to hot Nordic dudes swinging their hammers:

Imagine a Captain Hammer vs Thor battle. Oh, the possibilities....

Or bad-ass captains of industry out for a night flight:

This is, I believe, the Mark 3,987 Iron Man suit. Give or take.

It’s all kinds of sweet, even when you can’t understand a bally word those nice German voice over actors are saying.

I won’t lie – I’m super-hyped for this one.

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“The Avengers” trailer.

"The Avengers" trailer is here...and it's awesome.

Happy Tuesday, Geek/Nerd Nation.  The rumours were true and we have a lovely HD trailer for Joss Whedon’s forthcoming “Avengers” movie to enjoy.

Explosions? Oh yes.  Ms Johansson looking unflappable amidst a symphony of chaos and/or mayhem? Check. Robert Downey Jnr getting all the best damn lines?   You know it.

I’m a Whedon devotee, so I should recuse myself from comment but suffice is to say that this Marvel movie looks like an unending banquet of awesome sauce, served with wafers of fried gold and a complementary bottle of whup ass.

Nice Nine Inch Nails song, too.

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Make Mine Marvel Movie Mayhem!

Steve Rogers, extraordinary everyman

A few weeks late to the party, I’m afraid, but here are my thoughts on the second Marvel Studios release of the summer, Joe Johnson’s “Captain America – The First Avenger”.

Marvel have had a lot of success with their superhero adaptations – “Iron Man” and it’s sequel, “The Incredible Hulk”, the “Spider-Man” series, the “X-Men” series, the two “Fantastic Four” movies and this summer’s “Thor” – and that winning streak continues with “Captain America – The First Avenger”. In many ways, this is the best Marvel film yet.

A real American hero - and none too annoying with it...

Chris Evans stars as the titular character, an archetypal 90 pound weakling whose attempts to join the US Army during the latter part of the second world war are thwarted until he meets Dr Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), whose experimental growth serum is being tested by the military to create a war-winning strain of super soldier.

So far, so Marvel. Sensibly, Marvel have resisted the urge to update the character and pitch him straight into the same contemporary landscape occupied by Tony Stark and Dr Bruce Banner – this is, for the most part, a period-set tale of derring do, irredeemable Nazi bad guys and a world torn asunder by conflict on a massive scale.

As with his previous comic book adaptation, “The Rocketeer”, Joe Johnson displays a deft grasp of historical setting, stages large-scale action set-pieces which don’t dissolve into a morass of fast cuts and is seemingly as interested in his actors as he is in getting the cool alternate technology and gadgets right. He’s aided by a tight, funny and – whisper it – smart script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, which mixes up mythology, history, comic book canon, pacy plotting and laughs in a hard-to-resist package.

Much less so than, say, “Iron Man 2”, this is a summer adventure which isn’t hamstrung by having to set up aspects of next summer’s “The Avengers”. The inter-universe continuity in recent Marvel flicks is here – the Cosmic Cube from “Thor” shows up and a certain, eye-patched gentleman appears towards the end of the film but the heavy lifting has already been done. We all know that there’s an Avengers movie coming, so it’s refreshing to not have to navigate a primer in Marvel Mythology when we could be having a superhero knock-down, drag-out action sequence to justify the increasingly hilariously over-inflated price of cinema tickets.

For the record, I saw a 2D print of “Captain America” and firmly avoided the post-converted 3D effort also doing the rounds – I couldn’t see many examples of cinematography, setting or action which would benefit from the process, honestly.

Chris Evans is excellent in the lead – he’s far from being a cocky, know-it-all, take charge douche and surprisingly easy to relate to. His Steve Rogers doesn’t give up in the face of insurmountable odds and leads from the front – an entertaining section of the film sees Rogers sidelined by bond-selling, USO show-appearing, conflict-avoiding duties on the home front as his friends are pitched head-first into the horrors of the European theatre.

Equally reliable are Hugo Weaving, as villain The Red Skull, whose horrific, red-skinned countenance probably accounts for much of the film’s 12-A rating. He’s got the standard villain’s modus operandi – world enslavement, troubling obsession with occult arcana and weapons of mass destruction are all accounted for – but there’s a fun parallel to be drawn between the Skull’s search for occult objects to fuel the weapons used in his diabolical schemes and the ostensible good guys that we’re rooting for who…use occult objects the fuel weapons to assist their somewhat more benevolent schemes.

Tommy Lee Jones pops up, doing a masterclass in gruff paterfamilias leadership as Colonel Phillips and he’s as economic, laconic and splendid as you might hope. My favourite character, though, is Peggy Carter, Cap’s UK contact, love interest and awesome 40’s dame. She single-handedly erases the bad taste left by “Iron Man 2”, which saw fit to turn Gwyneth Paltrow’s previously competent, business-like Pepper Potts into a screeching ninny – there’s never any sense that Peggy can’t handle herself and essentially kicks more Hydra (the Red Skull’s deep science, Nazi off-shoot army) ass than the Cap does.

Summing up – well worth seeing, possibly just a bit more fun than “Thor” (though make no mistake, I fricking loved Kenneth Branagh’s superhero adventure) and it brilliantly does the job of making you pine for what nerd godhead Joss Whedon will come up with for 2012’s “The Avengers”.

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