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Gingerbread+TARDIS = awesome

Finally, a festive sweet that I can get behind.


This was featured over at CRAFT’s website and I couldn’t resist it –  why not find out how to make the gingerbread TARDIS above at the makers website – its the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas special, wouldn’t you agree?

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The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

Running! Fire! Sonic! Want now!

It’s here…

The trailer for this year’s Christmas “Doctor Who” special, that is.

And it’s ace.

But you knew that, right?


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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011

Another Doctor Who post - who knew?

So, SFX broke the news yesterday and the BBC’s official “Doctor Who” site made it official – filming is well under way on the 2011 Christmas special and details of the storyline have been released to boot.

It’s set during World War II, the dreaded name ‘Narnia’ has been been banded about and an Ice-based (but not Ice Warrior) villain hinted at.  It’s as Christmassy as it can possibly be, according to the Moff, and will guest star Claire Skinner, Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir and Alexander Armstrong.

Bill Bailey - Lord of Rock. And time, clearly.

Expect big things if last year’s excellent special is any indicator.

(Post now re-written, on a proper computer, not a jumped-up iPod with pain-in-the-butt cut-and-paste issues -Cheers, unsatisfactory, Apple-based technologies).

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