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“Gears of War 3” – second DLC announced.

Got your “Gears of War 3” season pass yet?  Me either.  I wasn’t entirely convinced by the promise of the first “Horde Command” add-on (out in November) but the second one – the just-announced “Raam’s Shadow”-  seems like it might be more to my liking.

It's the master of disaster, Sera's Reaper, the Locust with the mostest - General Raam!

A three-hour side-story which lets you play as the antagonist and Torque-bow sponge from the first game, “Raam’s Shadow” also adds 250 sweet cheevos, new protagonists and – be still your hearts – chocolate weapons.

Chocolate weapons?  Toblerone Lancer? Twix Hammerburst? The mind boggles.

It’s due out on December 13th, by which time I might have made some actual progress in ‘Horde‘.  Hope springs, and all that.

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Gears of War 3 – Cliff speaks!

Sir Clifford Bleszinski, architect of active-reloaded mayhem and badassery...

As part of what I may retrospectively title “Gears of War 3” week, here’s a link to Aisha Tyler’s excellent “Girl on Guy” podcast, which this week features Dude Huge himself, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski.

The “Gears” awesome?  It is overflowing.  Look at all that juice!

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