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Kindle Fire – but not in the UK.

Amazon have announced their tablet, then.  Which is very nice if you live in the US and slightly less interesting if you live in Europe.

How very unexpected.

Tech company covert the business of middle class Americans. News at eleven.

The Guardian has full, live-blog goodness from the big reveal (new, ad-supported Kindle for £89) but the upshot of the press conference announcement is a $199, 7″ screen tablet,shipping on November 15, which is so utterly married to Amazon’s US-only Cloud services that you won’t be able to buy one outside the States. Yet.

Really nice, but not available in Europe until much, much later.

Cue lots of people either Bundleboxing the Kindle Fire for giggles and getting their VPN on or deciding to give Apple’s iPad their Tablet business.  Which is perhaps not the result that Jeff Bezos intended…


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