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Black Venus


Via SoGeekChic.

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Super Bits & Bobs…


Oh hi there, new Superman movie logo.  As the text above suggests, this is the first look at the new logo for Krypton’s finest son and will be seen in his next on-screen adventure, Zack Snyder‘s “Man of Steel”, which is due for release in June 2013.

As somebody who dug the ever-living kibbles out of Bryan Singer‘s “Superman Returns”, creepy Emo-stalker Superman and all, I’m more than keen to see what Snyder does with it, just so long as it isn’t having the action take place in Amy Adams‘ head and require that everybody dress up like a fetish model.

Elsewhere in the realm of the computer-coloured and splash-panelled, enterprising YouTubist TheIrishAvengerCBM has posted the ‘Head Count’ tv spot for “The Avengers”, which gives us at least a second of face time with the mysterious alien pawns of Loki.  And SPOILERS…


This would be the Badoon, apparently.  Charming fellows, just given to planetary/dimensional jumps, weird gender schisms and first appearing in “Silver Surfer” Vol 1, number 2 if my interweb searches are to be believed.

Meanwhile, back in the realm of DC, it would appear that the possibility of an Avengers-like “Justice League” movie might still happen if the publisher and Warner Brothers can figure out how to make their – let’s face it – gloriously cinematic creations into movies which work on screen.

There’s a wee interview with “Wrath of the Titans” writer Dan Mazeau over at SuperHeroHype which alludes to his work on a “Flash” movie – ‘(He) can’t just be a guy who runs fast’.  So, a guy who runs fast and runs a street dance school, maybe?  The kids are into that, amirite?


I suspect that much of the issue may be tone – are DC going to set these films in the near-realistic Nolan universe of the “Batman” movies, which makes the likes of The Flash, Wonder Woman and J’on J’onzz that bit more difficult to incorporate or might they take a leaf out of the book of Marvel and find the science fiction in the premise to make DC’s roll-call of titans, aliens, gods and goddesses fly on screen.

Because, you know, one slightly-botched “Green Lantern” doesn’t mean that we have to give up on the idea of the DC universe in movies.

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The Most Awesome Thing I’ve Seen All Day…

Clearly, the good people at comics company IDW are attempting to throw Mrs Rolling Eyeballs into a state of pure nerd joy.

Let the squeeing commence:

Via Bleeding Cool.com

Yep, that’s the Doctor, The Boy Who Waited and Come Along Pond on the Enterprise’s bridge in IDW’s “Star Trek: TNG”/”Doctor Who” crossover, which is due to be published in May.

Cross-overs in genre can be a dicey business, satisfying fans of neither franchise and irritating some fans who don’t care for characters that they have no interest in taking over the book that they love.   In this case, IDW need not worry, as my lovely delightful one adores pretty much every incarnation of “Trek” – even “Enterprise”and “Doctor Who” equally (she’s a Peter Davison fan, FYI), so this is pretty much her brand of geeky catnip.

Time for a visit to the local comics shop later this Spring, wouldn’t you say?

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“Watchmen” gets Moore-less prequels.


If you saw the 2009 Zack Snyder adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel “Watchmen”, you could be forgiven for wondering what the fuss was about.

Whilst entirely reverent and handsomely constructed, the essential flaw bedevilling the film was its insistence on treating the Moore/Gibbons book as a sacred text.  Faithful, yes but hardly allowing the film to say anything beyond what Moore did in his original comics scripts – and by the time that it came out, we had seen nearly two decades worth of films, TV and comics influenced by “Watchmen”, so the movie adaptation became a best intentioned, earnest ‘Me, too’ effort.

If we didn’t really need an adaptation of “Watchmen”, do we need DC’s newly confirmed sequence of prequel comics?

There’s an array of talent involved – I’m intrigued by the prospect of Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner’s take on the Silk Spectre – but it’s impossible not to feel that this can’t ever be more than a diverting curio rather than a work which can be as ground-breaking as “Watchmen” was, particularly as the various writing and art teams are putting together mini-series based around the core characters rather than presenting an equivalently sized, novelistic piece as Gibbons and Moore did.

I’m pretty sure that anybody with an interest in comics will feel compelled to take a look at the “Watchmen” prequels but I’m wondering if there’s any point in revisiting the universe without Moore being involved and Gibbons drawing it – and as Alan Moore is more likely to front a Simon Cowell-created boy band than ever work for DC Comics again, there’s no chance of that happening.

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“The Crow” reboot inches forward…

More goth than Pete Murphy wearing black in a coal shed...

Well, thank goodness for that.

Film outfits Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company have kissed, made up and agreed to move on in partnership on the long-gestating reboot of James O’ Barr’s goth comics classic, “The Crow”.

Last heard of as a possible Bradley Cooper vehicle – the mind fairly boggles at the idea of Cooper in fright wig and face paint being a Dark Avenger – “The Crow” is now that bit closer to being rebooted to appeal to a generation who probably weren’t even born when the first film opened in 1994.

Cogitate on that factoid for a moment – by the time that a new “Crow” movie comes out, it could be twenty years since the first (and evidently best) instalment in the series opened.   How about that for making you feel oh-so-very-old and Goth Dad-like?

No news yet on who will write, direct or star in this dark fantasy – but if I were Juan Carlos Fresnadilla, I’d keep on eye on my iPhone…

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This just in – Alan Moore not a fan of Frank Miller’s politics.

...knows the score.

Stunning scenes – Alan Moore doesn’t really like Frank Miller’s work and suspects that his personal politics are a bit, well, suspect.

In other news, Ken Loach probably really doesn’t care for Michael Bay’s oeuvre.

More seriously, is anybody really surprised by this?  Miller’s message ends at “Might is Right”, noir tropes and lone big men with bigger guns clearing up the streets as violently as possible – it’s not as though he has much in common with the Midlands’ most pre-eminent warlock and weird-beard genius.

Sweet hat, crap politics.

I have yet to forgive Miller for his singularly crass and incoherent take on “The Spirit” and I suspect few reading this will have much time for him either.  He is the personification of the old curmudgeon standing on his lawn and yelling at kids to go away and should probably be taken as such – a relatively harmless and irrelevant old duffer whose schtick is tired and increasingly laughable.

As much as I read The Guardian daily, when it comes to nerd pop culture stuff like this, they’re never slow to find the most obvious angle and pursue it ad nauseam.

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“Rogue Trooper” movie incoming?

Interesting rumblings of a “Rogue Trooper” film project today, according to a post over at Empire magazine’s website.

"2000AD" readers of a certain age are choking up, right about now...

In development over at “Avatar” star Sam Worthington’s production company, with a screenplay intriguingly being worked on by comics icon Grant Morrison, this all seems a cut above the usual talent pressed into service on a project like this.

comics icon, actual visionary and mate of Gerard Way...

Which is to say, I’m particularly cheered to see Morrison at work on this project and not Johnny Screenwriter Du Jour – somebody who has actually written for “2000AD” is always going to be preferable to somebody who’s just writing on assignment.

With this in the works and a “Judge Dredd” movie – dare we hope for a “D.R. & Quinch” movie, too?

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Canned “Avengers” game – leaked footage online

There’s footage online of the now-cancelled “Avengers” game which THQ Melbourne was working on before it was shuttered as part of THQ’s recent rationalisation.

Sleeveless tank tops on Norse Gods are so hot right now...

Weirdly, the early assets shown seem to indicate that the game was a first-person action brawler in the mode of “Zeno Clash”, which I certainly wouldn’t have expected the game to be.  Which perhaps illustrates why it isn’t being published.

WouldYouKindly.com has a story with some concept art, too.

Sega’s shameful “Iron Man” games had little to recommend them – perhaps the most than can be said for this game is that it at least looked to subvert some of our expectations…

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