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Live action “Mass Effect 3” ad affects massively…

How about Sheffield City Hall for a change, invading alien overlords? Haters...

Any doubts that one might have had about the desire of games publishers to appeal solely to core gamers are neatly underlined by the new ad for “Mass Effect 3” – the wholly ambiguous and in no way on the chin “Fight” teaser, which you can see here.

Not looking good for the church's new roof fundraiser...

So, small children in the midst of civil unrest, young lovers embracing as the blasts hit and pious folks taking shelter in a church and major American landmarks getting jacked up – all good stuff to use to reach out to the folks who think that games are still like Mario the Hedgehog on the Nintendo Playstation.

Yep, that's a live-action ManShep alright...

One thing’s for damn sure after checking out this advert – you can see where EA are spending your Collector’s Edition cash …


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“Mass Effect 3” leaks! (For about five minutes)

In a story first posted over at the preternaturally quick-on-the-draw NeoGaf, the early test build of the new Xbox Live dashboard had an entirely unexpected surprise – a playable Beta of “Mass Effect 3”.   Some image spoilers for “Mass Effect 3” follow.

Accidental leak or buzz-building marketing ploy?

It was pulled back into the BioWare/Microsoft fold in but the breath of a second, but NeoGaf’s crack internet ninjas were able to grab screens and post them to fuel the agonising wait until March 2012.  There’s been a fair bit of internet negativity about the third installment – fans of the stats-heavy original RPG hybrid were dismayed by the combat emphasis of the second game and by how they felt it stepped away from the action-RPG genre and become a generic third-person sci-fi shooter – but I’m still confident that the third game will be a great conclusion to this trilogy.

Hmm...feel those stats, RPG nerds!

Three difficulties are noted on the screens in NeoGaf’s thread – there’s a story mode, if that’s where your play style lies, which emphasises narrative progression and eases the difficulty of combat, an action mode which does the opposite and a more balanced, classic mode which gives you the whole enchilada (I’m going to pin my colours to that particular mast).

Nothing that I’ve seen so far has but me off this title – an evolution of the great stuff done in the second game, rather than a ‘throwing-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater’-style unnecessary reinvention.  Your mileage may vary, but I’m very keen to see what BioWare deliver with this game.

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Mass Effect 3 – now with online multiplayer.

A lesser man would use this news post as an excuse to post a picture of erstwhile “Mass Effect 2” uber-space babe Miranda Lawson (or her real-life inspiration, Australian actress and “Chuck” star, Yvonne Strahovski.

Shallow? Not me.

Nope, round Fluffrick towers, we’re all about Tali.  Which is a long-winded way of telling you that there is “Mass Effect 3” news on the vine and as Eurogamer’s story today alluded, one of the worst-kept secrets in video games has been outed by Australian games mag, PC Powerplay.

“Mass Effect 3”?  It’s shipping with online multiplayer, for the first time in the series.  Bagsy playing as a tooled-up Mordin Solus, complete with punishing ‘Gilbert and Sullivan operetta’ finishing move.

I'm Commander Shepard and I'm going to cut this dude...

If you’re in the UK and feel that Australia is a bit far to go for your magazine-based multiplayer exclusive reveals then Xbox World also have an upcoming cover story (issue out on October 25) where they’re promising more details on the multiplayer joys which await us in March 2012.  If you’re of a role-playing bent, I suspect that “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” will more or less tide you over until you get to fight the Reapers for the last time.

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