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Lacuna Coil – “Dark Adrenaline” studio footage and preview clips

The best bands always look like a bit like gangs - discuss?

As I gear up for the release of Lacuna Coil’s new album “Dark Adrenaline” at the end of January, it’s always good to feed the inner music geek with fresh studio footage and gossip via Blabbermouth.

There’s also the third part of an online teaser video series up on YouTube – mini slasher movie, anybody?  Each released clip has been quite fun, with the second chapter – featuring singer Andrea getting his Count Orlok on – almost qualifying as suitable material for one of my “A Season of Vamps” posts.

The whole ‘metal/rock/vampire’ cross-over music video round-up has to be a winner and no mistake…



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Lacuna Coil – “Trip the Darkness” video online


If you were to hop over to US clothing chain Hot Topic’s website , you could get all the US dates for their forthcoming tour – they’re part of Megadeth’s ‘Gigantour’ touring festival, with Motorhead and Volbeat.

Sounds sweet to me.

And if you head over to Hot Topic’s YouTube channel, you can catch the video for “Trip the Darkness”, which has some very neat yin/yang-style visuals.

Hey up - it's Cristina Scabbia rocking the house!

Their new album, “Dark Adrenaline”, is out in Europe and the US in January – or as soon as a certain, river-based retailer ships my copy to me.

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Lacuna Coil – live video of “Kill the Light”

How Darkcore? None more Darkcore.

Found this via Blabbermouth.net, and thought that the Lacuna Coil fans out there would be interested – live video of new song “Kill the Light” from the Glasgow show at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, from YouTubist VonBat1.

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Lacuna Coil/Straight Line Stitch, Corporation, Sheffield, 04/11/2011

Alexis from Straight Line Stitch rocking an appreciative crowd...

So, I went to a gig last week, which in my world is a thing.  And on my own, too. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like quite the badge of sadness that it might once have been – when your other half doesn’t get into the same music that you do (but is wholly supportive of your enthusiasm for it), and you would quite like to see a band, then it makes sense to go along and see that band whilst rolling solo – because who knows when you’ll get a chance to see a band again.  Not that I had tickets to see Refused or At The Drive-In back in the day or anything quite so dramatic, but I think you get the picture.

The band in question that so spurred me into action is Italy’s finest purveyors of glacially cool metallic melancholia, Lacuna Coil, who I am quite a fan of – they’ve got heaviness but don’t stint on melody, do the male/female co-vocals thing and rock the odd song sung in their native language, which is a fine change of pace in this Anglophone world in which we live.  They are a band with style and can certainly boast an evolution in their sound, which is ongoing even if it doesn’t always connect with critics.  I had never seen them before but they’re got a very decent reputation live and I was more than keen to see whether it was justified.

Added to that was the fact that they were playing the Corporation in Sheffield, which is possibly my favourite place to see bands in Sheffield – it’s not very big, the crowd’s friendly and diverse and on a Friday night, whenever I’ve been, the gig’s usually done by 10:00pm to allow the Club Night to start – a fact remarked upon with some bemusement and ethereal comic disdain by Melissa Auf Der Maur when I saw her last year.

Supporting Lacuna Coil this time around were Straight Line Stitch, who I had heard a few songs by prior to the show and embodied that most welcome of live music cliches – a band who is much heavier live than they are on record.

They came, they rocked, they smashed up the joint - in a metaphorical way...

Alexis the singer was quite the live wire, as you might expect for a front person, and operated on the principle that the crowd wasn’t necessarily expecting a support band with quite as heavy a sound as SLS has.  She worked the audience with aplomb, bigging-up Lacuna Coil, thanking the fans between songs, inviting us to go and hang out in the merch room after their set and generally did her best to introduce the band to a new set of fans, leaping up and down and head-banging herself into a right old state. I felt very bloody old watching her, but utterly entertained at the same time.

The Straight Line Stitch sound is somewhere betwixt the Metalcore style of a band like Avenged Sevenfold or Killswitch Engage, with a hint of the impassioned, raging vocals of Bring Me The Horizon or Parkway Drive. We’re talking grinding beat-downs, vocals so harsh and startling that they could easily peel paint from the walls at fifty paces and drums so satisfyingly meaty that you could feel them in your chest – which isn’t to say that SLS were unlistenably harsh but more that they attacked from the outset and made it their task to win people over – I’m pretty sure that they did, as people were going absolutely nuts for them from where I was standing.

The best song that they played was “Conversion”, which is brutal metalcore at it’s best – grunted verses, soaring melodic chorus and a pummeling riff which went to interesting time-signature-based places.  Plus, pounding double-bass runs from the drummer.

If they were the surprise of the night, Lacuna Coil were equally satisfying and so completely worth going to see that I really hope to see them if they make it to the UK next year after the release of “Dark Adrenaline”.

Lacuna Coil, rocking it last Friday night in Sheffield

The band played stuff from all over their career – with a couple of new songs from “…Adrenaline” thrown in to test out the crowd’s reaction, to good effect.

Highlights for me were “Heaven’s a Lie” – I apologise to those around me who were regaled with a caterwauling, out-of-key rendition of the chorus not once but twice – and “I Won’t Tell You” (ditto), with “Swamped” also standing out alongside new tune, “Kill The Light”.

The band was a few shows into the tour and very polished – I get the sense that this was very much the same kind of show that they might play outside at a festival in Europe or in a larger hall.  Though this was a smaller house than they might regularly play, I didn’t get the sense that they were going through well-rehearsed motions or phoning a performance in – not at all.  They’ve been around a fairly long time now and know how to play to a crowd – if Andrea’s singing lead, Cristina Scabbia supports and doesn’t have to grab attention – similarly, Andrea backs up his co-lead singer on her lead lines.

Lights! Phone Camera! Lacuna Coil rocks!

If you get a chance to see them on this tour – or the next – be sure to grab it.  They’re melodic, dark, heavy and quintessentially European Metal with a touch of melancholic class which is very particular to them.

Loved it.

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Lacuna Coil – “Dark Adrenaline” cover and track listing detailed

Over at Blabbermouth.net, Lacuna Coil have talked a little more about their next record, “Dark Adrenaline” which comes out in Europe at the end of January 2012.

The new Lacuna Coil record. Probably means nothing to me, is kind of a big deal to me...

Singer Cristina Scabbia promises a heavier, more obscure, diverse and career-spanning sound from the record – which makes me wonder whether they’ll really go back to their super-gothic roots with this one. I’ve heard two songs off the record – the single “Trip the Darkness” is understandably at the more accessible end of their catalogue, with massive hooks and crunchy riffs, male-female vocal line trading that I’ve come to love and lyrics which draw from acutely dark themes but never end up being depressing.

A highly recommended live proposition, if they ever come to your town...

I went to Lacuna Coil at Sheffield’s Corporation club last Friday night and can honestly say that if the album is half as good as the live show, fans will be in for a record which won’t polarize the audience as much as the last long player, “Shallow Life”, did.

I liked “Shallow Life” just fine, but the new stuff seemed definitely more straight-ahead, riff-driven and for want of a better term, heavy than the last album – Cristina mockingly chided some in the crowd who shouted in recognition when she introduced new song “Kill the Light” (“I guess you’ve probably already heard this on YouTube”), but at least they care enough to seek it out – imagine the horror of introducing a new song that everybody already knows and nobody wants to hear. Shudder!

Intriguingly, the track-listing on the Blabbermouth story lists “Losing My Religion” as a song on the album – I was unaware that they were covering REM but it’s not as if Lacuna Coil don’t know their way around a decent, alt-rock cover version…


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