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“Pacific Rim” Propaganda Pleases…

Of next summer’s crop of would-be blockbusters – “Oblivion”, “After Earth”, “R.I.P.D.” – the one which I’m looking forward to most of all is Guillermo Del Toro‘s Earth versus Giant Robots adventure, “Pacific Rim”.

Comic-Con “Pacific Rim” image via Nerdist.com

The visionary genius behind “Pan’s Labyrinth“, “Cronos” and erstwhile cinematic translator of Mike Mignola‘s “Hellboy” comics getting his teeth into giant mech-suited pilots laying the smacketh downeth uponeth Alien monsters? ┬áJust take my money – now.

Friday October 12th saw Del Toro and collaborator Travis Beacham appearing at New York Comic Con to build awareness in the hearts and minds of the nerd faithful and do the panel thing – all very nice for folks in NYC, not much help to those of us languishing outside the U.S. and needing our Mecha fix.

I’m assuming that we’ll get to see a trailer when Warner Brothers release “The Hobbit” this December – I’m counting the days, clearly.





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