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Your mobile is a death trap.

Just bought an iPhone 4S? Happy with it?  Not for long, my technologically adept and cutting-edge friend.

Handy communications godsend or harbinger of your imminent demise?

Those persistently entertaining stirrers at Bitter Wallet would like to induce some panic into your day if you’re still hanging onto your ageing Nokia and retirement-ready Samsung.  And based on where you live in the country, their story makes for slightly gross, very entertaining reading.

It’s all about germs.  Caked in them, your phone is.  And the computer that you’re ready this on.  Why, you may already be dead due to the array of e-whatsits and bugs adorning your consumer electronics (in which case, my daily hit count is going down, which doth suck much).

What with every thing that can kill you in the real world, isn’t it a wonder that any of us actually get up in the morning?

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