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“Gears of War 3” first DLC details.

Beaten “Gears 3” already?  Bludgeoned “Horde” and bested “Beast” modes?  Merrily chain-sawing a swathe through the multiplayer?

Joystiq has your back.

Hey Bernie? What's up? Other than the body count, that is...

Their post details what to expect from “Horde Command on November 1st, as Epic release the first DLC pack for the game, with video from X-Play.

It’s going to cost 800 Microsoft Space Credits or is included as part of the Season Pass, pre-order DLC shenanigans that you can sign up for.

I’m really enjoying “Gears 3” as I plow through it in hour-long increments – though I wasn’t expecting THAT major character to pop their proverbial clogs at THAT point in the narrative.  I nearly dropped my Cornetto, I’ll have you know.  I suppose it was inevitable, but that didn’t make it any less, well, deflating…

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