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Steampunk Joy for Aether-crazed Girls & Boys…

Thank the Crooked Warden! ┬áThat ever-so-nice Rob at Topless Robot has brought to my attention this short film by the Media Design School, based on artist Greg Broadmore’s ‘Doctor Grordbort’ steampunk universe…


“‘The Deadliest Game” is proof positive that the only barrier these days to awesome geekdom and heady nerdery is a little bit of cash, a bit of vision and a lot of hard work – it has obvious echoes of the visual style of “Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow”┬ábut a sense of whimsy and affection for retro-futuristic adventure which is all its own.

I liked it quite a lot – why not fire up your steam-assisted entertainment-visualiser and see it for yourself?

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