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A “Doctor Who” bar – it’s all about time (and beer).

Whilst browsing the ever-delightful (and delightfully filthy) web comic “Hijinks Ensue” today, erstwhile geek wit and gentleman of discernment Joel Watson introduced me to a wholly new thing which melted my noggin – there’s only a “Doctor Who” and Steampunk-themed bar in New York, which goes by the name “The Way Station”.

If you go to the Girl Gone Geek blog, you can read all about it.

...Amy Pond. Pub. Alcohol. Not good bedfellows...

It sounds awesome, to be honest.  An enterprising publican might even get my teetotal behind into such an establishment over here if their hostelry had some mad geek cred to entice me beyond the promise of free-flowing adult beverages.


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