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Joss Whedon on Devil’s Tower

Auteur, renaissance man and uber-nerd Joss Whedon has been hitting the campaign trail in a major way these last few weeks.

The revisionist meta-horror piece he wrote and produced with Drew Goddard, “Cabin In The Woods” opened last week and that Marvel Superhero flick that I dare not mention again on this blog starts opening worldwide in but a matter of days.

To this end, The Guardian snagged Joss Whedon and got him to chat about the film which changed his life – and wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t “Holiday On The Buses”.  Go figure, right?

In an outbreak of good taste so perfect that it makes my toes tingle with happiness, Whedon’s most influential film ever is…


“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.  If you’re a young person and have yet to experience the sheer wonder of this film, stop reading this post and go and track down a copy.  Then watch it on the biggest screen you can, with the biggest speakers that you can get your hands on.

Whilst I enjoyed last year’s JJ Abrams directed Spielberg homage, “Super 8”, it lacked a little of the wonder which Spielberg routinely brought to his alien pictures like this and E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial (the less said about his War of the Worlds, the better…).

Perhaps the joy of this film is in its every man hero – to cast an equivalent leading man to “CE3K” head schlub Richard Dreyfuss would be a bold move for today’s studios, who don’t think that audiences want to see recognizably human and unglamorous character actors fronting their summer blockbusters.  Can you imagine Universal greenlighting a major sci-fi pic and jamming Paul Giamatti on the poster?  It would be all kinds of excellent and I’d see it in a heartbeat, but he doesn’t have the Bradley Cooper factor, does he?

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” is a classic and Joss Whedon says so.  I’d listen to him, if I were you.


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