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“Skyrim” gets Bronied…

You’ve seen the cover versions of the theme song, you’ve seen glitchy YouTube videos aplenty, you’ve even seen industrious modders inserting Macho Man Randy Savage into the PC version – now behold the greatest “Skyrim” remix yet.

Fear the terrifying beast! Run away! Run for your life!

It’s “My Little (Skyrim) Pony” time (via Bitter Wallet).

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Awesome, nerdy “Skyrim” shirt of the day…

Finally, an NSA we can all get behind...

Splendidly nerdy and sports-ball aping “Skyrim” t-shirt via Shirtoid.com and Fashionably Geek.

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Skyrim mod adds Randy Savage dragon.


This is why we still need a PC modding community.

Arriving at my eyes via Geekosystem, enterprising PC “Skyrim”-tweaking gamers have identified what the community needs from Bethesda’s massive RPG blockbuster and that is a dragon modified with the voice and appearance of late wrestling icon, Macho Man Randy Savage.

Whilst this is of course glorious and a delight to behold, these talented folks need to get work and make me a Les Dawson dragon forthwith.  Piano playing optional.

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