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Fall Out Boy – Back! Back! Back!

It’s cold work burning Taylor Swift records, but somebody’s got to do it.

Happy February, every one – Fall Out Boy are back!

The band who provided my daily soundtrack when walking to meet my wife at her office – “Thriller” from “Infinity On High”, a Fall Out Boy jam played so many times on the week day perambulation across Sheffield that I could have worn out the MP3 if such a thing were possible – are back with a new single, album, live shows and a plan to save rock and roll.  Which is no small feat – but the unfailingly melodic tunesmiths who brought you “Sugar We’re Going Down” and “Dance Dance” are probably the chaps to accomplish such a Herculean labour.

(Full disclosure – I’ve just gone to look at the UK top 40 to see what The Kids are currently listening to, just out of interest.  And, reader, it is mostly as dreadful as you might fear.  I suspect that the likes of Bingo Players, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and that piss-poor Will.I.Am record represent some gigantic performance student prank?)

Their new tune, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” retains their wilful disregard for rock correctness, borrowing R&B beats and marrying them to the muscular  riffs and rhythms which marked the band apart from the pop-punk rabble they were frequently, incorrectly allied with.

Instantly memorable chorus?  Oblique yet delightful video?  Insanely long titles?  All present and correct.

Welcome back, boys.  You’ve been missed.


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Today’s Band You’ll Hate – Blood On The Dance Floor…


Gentlemen, Jareth from “Labyrinth” called – the Goblin King wants his hair back…

You may blame/praise Merl at Metal Hammer magazine for this one – as host of the venerable UK rock magazine’s podcast, he today introduced me to Floridian Crunkcore scene kids, Blood on the Dance Floor and befuddled my poor mind.

As observed on the podcast, the band look like the dark aftermath of a backstage fight between Black Veil Brides, ‘Shout at the Devil‘ era Motley Crue and British Black Metal loons, Cradle of Filth (they of the charming ‘Jesus is a C…’ t-shirt), yet sound all electronic, spacey and not very metal at all.

My poor brain – it is confused.

Have a listen to the band’s “Unforgiven” on You Tube – it’s like the video mastering facility accidentally mashed up some 80’s glam band’s power ballad video with some hipster European indie-dance track and this absurdity ensued.

All very big with The Kids, I don’t doubt – though a tune would be just peachy…


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