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“Ender’s Game” movie happening, whether you like it or not…

Don't let Keith Vaz get his paws on this book...

Empire is reporting that the long-gestating adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s “Enders Game” novel might be getting some serious star power.

Harrison Ford starry enough for you?

The film has been in proverbial development hell for a good few years now – I believe that I recall hearing talk of an adaptation back when Card’s novelization of James Cameron’s “The Abyss” was published back in 1989 – but technology seems to have caught up with the novel’s themes and can now do Card’s future world justice.

Ignoring some of Card’s predictably Conservative politics and focussing instead on the film to come – which already has a release date in March 2013 – what can we expect of this tale of small children being trained to wage war against an alien menace?

Well, the fact that Gavin Hood is directing it may give some pause for thought.  He last brought you the not especially well thought of “X Men Origins: Wolverine”.  I know, not a good outing but not entirely his fault – that film was anecdotally micro-managed to the point of absurdity (repainting bits of the set to make them brighter, anyone?) and was probably not the movie that anyone – fans or creative folks – wanted to make.  His other work – which includes “Tsotsi” and “Rendition” is better and more representative of him.

It’s a brave man who takes on a movie project like this – Card is not celebrated for his ability to keep himself to himself and the violence in the book would make this an untenable film unless it was significantly toned down – it’s a movie focussing on genocide, with predominantly child actors beating the crap out of each other in a hellish military school.  We’re talking R-rating territory here.

I’ve seen more unlikely pitches for movies, but none that were on quite this scale.  Time will tell, I suppose.

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