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“Batman – Arkham City” – new Joker video

Eurogamer – when not busy staging their London Games Festival this weekend – have new video up of the keenly-anticipated Rocksteady Games sequel, “Batman – Arkham City”.

Am I allowed to confess that I didn't finish the first game?

It’s Joker-centric, looks neat and there’s no way on Earth that I’ll have time to play it.

I have “WH40K – Space Marine” to power through, “Gears 3” to start and I’m swearing off anything else until “Uncharted 3” in November: no time for “Battlefield 3” or “Modern Warfare 3” (neither of which are my thing, to be honest) or “Skyrim” either.

Can some start-up do the decent thing and get on that time-freezing thing, please?


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Gears 3 deal update

Squeak! Money off "Gears 3"! Squeak!

Via the mighty Ugly Geezer on Twitter – “Gears 3” is £25.00 at Morrisons when you buy 2100 Microsoft Space points – for a total of £43.99.  Pretty darned good if you’re into Gears multiplayer and, more so, if you’re going to pick up the Season Pass.

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Battlefield 3 – HD Xbox 360 video

Over at Eurogamer, DICE/EA have video of “Battlefield 3” running on Xbox 360.

Oscar Mike! Foot hostiles! Tango & Cash! Random nouns and verbs!

Yes, it’s not quite as bananas as it looks to be on PC.  Yes, it is still looking quite amazing.

It’s hard not to see how this would find its way into the home of any gamer also looking forward to “Modern Warfare 3” this Autumn.

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“Gears of War 3” – best UK deals

Dealspwn have a post on their site at the minute rounding up the best UK prices for “Gears of War 3”.  If you want to grab the game new, Best Buy seem to have the best price online at the moment, at £32.99.

Know of better deals - drop 'em in the comments...

If trade-ins are more your thing, HMV will give you “Gears 3” for £1.99 if you trade-in “Dead Island”, or a fairly standard £37.99 if you rock up and buy it full price.  The next best deal seems to be Game’s offering of £4.99 if you trade in “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine”, “Driver: San Francisco” or “Dead Island”.

Of course, the supermarkets haven’t yet weighed in what they’re going to charge…

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“Gears of War 3” – weapon skins video online

The skins have leaked, huh? In related news, what's Helen Mirren's daughter doing here?

Joystiq have a story and video on the multi-player characters, and the leaked weapons skins which will launch as DLC with the imminent release of Epic Games/Microsoft’s Xbox 360 blockbuster, “Gears of War 3”.

Much as I love me some “Gears”, I can’t see me dropping MS points on pretty-pretties for my guns in a game which I’m going to have my ass handed to me in on a awe-inspiringly regular basis.  Also, none of these guns are rainbow-farting unicorns, which is – you know – a thing.

Does anybody else get a distinctive, “Horse Armour” vibe?


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“Gears of War 3” reviews are in…

…from Eurogamer, The Daily Telegraph (!), The Guardian, The Toronto Sun, OXM UK and the man Ryan McCaffrey at OXM US.  Based on 30 reviews, the Metacritic currently stands at a fairly convincing 92 out of 100.


Image via the prodigiously talented FootballMac at the Epic/Gears forum

Bring. It. On.


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