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The original, perhaps not the best

Seeing a remake before you see the original isn’t always the best plan. At the weekend, Mrs Boo and I watched Christopher Nolan’s 2002 version of the Norwegian thriller “Insomnia”: It comes highly recommended.

Sitting down tonight, we watched the original film. And, God, did I wish we hadn’t bothered – it’s utterly dreadful.

I realise that this marks my card hereafter as an enemy of European cinema and a brainwashed devotee of shiny, star-driven Hollywood rehashery, but I really don’t care.

The original movie’s rough technical edges make most Dogme films look like the back catalogue of Michael Bay. There are edits and swoop pans in this film which just look sloppy and unfinished. I know from low budget – this just looked shoddy, to be honest (it’s not helped by a slap-dash DVD transfer from Arrow video which makes this low budget thriller look like a smeary, soft mess and some inexcusable subtitle placement makes this DVD edition hard to recommend).

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