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Reminder – Xbox 360 dashboard update hits tomorrow

Rest assured, "FIFA 12" will never besmirch my console's integrity...

Just a reminder that Microsoft are due to release the latest revision of the Xbox 360 dashboard on Tuesday 6th December – with Bing search integrated (with Kinect support, too, if you’re on the motion control train) and a LoveFilm application included if streaming films is your cup of delicious builder’s tea (the best kind, obviously).   More stuff is scheduled to roll out between now and the end of this year, with some kind of as-yet-undecided BBC presence due in the first quarter of 2012.

No news yet on whether that constitutes full iPlayer integration for UK Xbox users or something of a catch-up digest, with selected programmes on offer.

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New Xbox Live dashboard to arrive on December 6th

Yes, I'm sure that I'll be able to get "30 Rock" on demand when the dash launches in the UK...

Whilst still in the land of Uncle Bill’s lovely white games box, I would wholly remiss in my duties if I were not to mention that Microsoft have set a December 6th roll-out for the new Xbox 360 dashboard – Major Nelson will be delighted to tell you more.

The wording of the blog post suggests that some of the previously advertised content – Lovefilm, iPlayer, etc – might not be there day-and-date but will be arriving during the Holiday season and into 2012.

I won’t be able to use the Kinect stuff, but it’s cool to see Microsoft continuing to add value to the 360 even as recent rumours about the next box swirl around the interwebs.

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