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Me Made May 2013 – Local Man Wears Shirt, Looks Shifty…


Oddly enough, I’ve never modelled…

Never underestimate the influence of your better half.

Mrs Rolling Eyeballs – for it is her work – has enlisted my help in spreading awareness of Me Made May (Yes, it’s the fifth month of the year already.  Let’s try not to think about what this means for the increasing flow of sand cascading remorselessly through our personal egg timers and beckoning ever closer the dread fingers of Death…).

Mrs RE has been taking part in this celebration of upcycling, clothes fabrication and fashion-based frugality for a few years now and has been decent enough to make me clothes and accessories of a hand-made and artisan nature, so it seems only fair that I do my bit to show that you don’t have to buy expensive brand names and stoke the fires of globalisation.

Henceforth, for one month only, please expect a smattering of pictures of your humble blogger looking awkward and wondering why the camera appears to add not only ten pounds but a whole mess of existential angst to boot…

The garment depicted above is a baseball-style jersey, which comes replete with bespoke tag at the collar and is superbly comfy.  There’s also lovely sewing details at the collar and cuffs which adds subtle visual interest.  I really do like it – and you’ll be seeing similar entries rendered into being by my wife’s DIY sewing talents in posts to be named later…

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Hands off my Steampunk, Prada.

Trust the fashion world to annoy me.


A rogue click on this image on the Tor Books blog had me thinking that we would be receiving a big-budget Steampunk flick with Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Jamie Bell and Garrett Hedlund doing their best, pseudo-Victorian poses on the big screen.

Alas, we are denied.

This is part of fashion house Prada‘s new Menswear campaign for the Autumn, which is taking serious stylistic cues from all things Steamy, Punky and ever so slightly nerdy.  It has to be said that it is the latter thing which annoys me the most, as high fashion tends to eschew the geeky in preference to perpetrating the pursuit of glacial cool above all else, which is perhaps the least interesting thing that I can conceive of.   The eternal pursuit of cool = the absolute pursuit of humourless self-defeat, mark my aphorisms.

That said, this shot of Jamie Bell and Gary Oldman makes me yearn for some high-end, next-gen, Bizarro World incarnation of hyper-nerdy PC real-time strategy game, “Command and Conquer“, with these fine thesps hamming it up in a Steampunk World War scenario.  Make it so, current “C & C” devs!

In the name of Mecha Queen Victoria – attack!

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Rolling Eyeballs: Me Made May ’12 Day1, 2, 3 and 4


Rolling Eyeballs: Me Made May ’12 Day1, 2, 3 and 4.

Over at her blog, Mrs Rolling Eyeballs is taking the Me Made May 2012 challenge – wearing something everyday that she’s made herself or refashioned from existing clothes/material each day for the duration of May.  

Excellent clothes/accessories made in part by my wife – dubious pictures of same by yours truly.

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Let’s do the show right here!

If you have a look at the lovely “Rolling Eyeballs” blog maintained by my much better half during the next few days, you’ll be able to see just why she’s spent every spare hour hunched over a sewing station and up to her elbows in fabric and cotton.

As resident seamstress and cast member for her local amateur dramatics group, the Heeley Hoofers, my dearest love has been rehearsing for her show, contributing tirelessly behind the scenes and dreaming up pirate fashion that would knock Vivienne Westwood for six.

Colour me seriously impressed.

As a preview?

I've burned the picture of me modelling this outfit

Pantomime shenanigans...

As much as I would love to show you the work-in-progress images of this dress as it was being made, I’m afraid that I’ve oddly misplaced them momentarily, so you’ll have to make do with the delightful Brian modelling his costume.

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