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This is an “Iron Man 3” poster…


As you may know, Sunday 3rd February 2013 will see devout fans of rugby with padding sit down across the US to watch the Superbowl.  This, for the still uninitiated, involves a great deal of theatrical fuss and sportsball-based pageantry before the real point of the day arrives – advanced trailers for summer movies.

To which end, that most inexplicable of modern marketing trends rears its ugly crown anew – trailers for trailers.  We’re through the looking-glass, people – ads for ads.  What a strange world we find ourselves residing in, and no mistake.

You’ll be able to see new spots for “Iron Man 3”, “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “The Lone Ranger” and “Fast 6” amongst others – and I’m reasonably sure that they’ll be more interesting than lots of financially well-remunerated chaps thanking variously unfortunate deities for intervening in the success or otherwise of their Hand Egg-centric shenanigans.

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“Fast Six” deep sixes “Fast Seven”?

In news which will delight anybody who saw last year’s gloriously insane action flick, “Fast Five”, the first of two planned sequels will shoot in Europe this Summer for a 2013 release.

Destroying a major European city this summer, Vin Diesel and The Rock...

Whilst on promotional duties for his next action pic, “G.I. Joe – Retaliation”, “Fast Five” quasi-villain Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson let slip that plans to film the sixth (!) and seventh (!) movies in the series back-to-back have been abandoned, but that the sixth movie is currently scheduled to head to Europe – the UK and Germany are mentioned – this summer for shooting/driving/campy macho posing.

Filming in Germany? Ergo,  Autobahns and generous speed limits?  Oh, the possibilities…

That the film will shoot in the UK is something of a surprise – the high-speed hijinks of the previous films in the series won’t play quite as well on the M25 unless the film-makers are intent on filming Very Slow Car Chases Whilst In Ten-Mile Tailbacks.   Or perhaps we’re going back to the fun and games of the original film and having our American Friends doing doughnuts in Comet and B & Q car parks the length and breadth of the UK?

Who am I kidding – as far as American film makers are concerned, the only place in the UK is London, so that’s where they’ll be going.  Vin Diesel on an East London council estate?  Can’t see it myself, but I’ll be buying a ticket nonetheless.

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