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To Demo or not to Demo

Being a developer isn’t always the heady whirl of exotic sports cars, trophy girlfriends and free-flowing cash that many gamers believe that it is.

Consider the fate of last year’s cancelled sports simulation, “NBA Elite 11”.

The Lakers ineffectual new defence puzzled some fans...

Kotaku this weekend has a fine piece in their sports-game focussed ‘Stick Jockey’ feature on the problems inherent in releasing a demo for a yearly sports game .

Any glitch in a build which doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the end product is writ large and potentially the subject of keen attention by a fan base which is noted for the voraciousness of its passion and intensity of its scrutiny.  Basically not the people who will be quiet about flaws in your product or minor kinks in the production process which may have been ironed out already.

Well worth a read if you’re currently on the fence about picking up “FIFA 12” or similar sports-ball games.

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