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Audrey The Uncanny

Uncanny Valley – party of one. The late Audrey Hepburn, now sort-of appearing in a TV advert. It’s a living…

 A virtual Audrey Hepburn, digitally returned from the beyond…to sell us chocolate bars.

The business of resurrecting deceased stars of yore in order to pimp products is nothing new – in recent years, Chanel have made fragrance adverts featuring current brand ambassador Charlize Theron rubbing shoulders with former Chanelistas Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly backstage at a fashion show, for example.  Death is no longer an escape from being compelled to flog somebody else’s merchandise.

It’s quite a good attempt to render the gamine Anglo-Belgian icon anew for Generation iPad, who are perhaps more familiar with her photographic afterlife than her exemplary filmography – Indeed, if you want to class up the joint, there’s still no better way to do that than to put a Holly Golightly print up on the wall of your apartment.  She’s everyone’s favourite style pin-up, isn’t she?

I’m still a little nonplussed by the default merch angle with these digital recreations.  Is it better to have such Frankenstein-esque acts of virtual revivification performed in bite-sized advertorial chunks like this, saving us the horrific prospect of “Casablanca 2: Sam’s Revenge” with a digitally revived Bogie and Bergman running virtual rings round Nazi ne-er do wells?  Or should we just admit that the likes of Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler are but poor substitutes for actual stars and go crazy with the rendering farms, introducing today’s cinema goers to new flicks from Hollywood’s golden age stars?

Let’s not give Michael Bay any ideas…

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