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Fluffrick’s iPod Shuffle Follies

It’s one of those posts that I’ve meant to do for a while and never got around to doing – partly because it’s indulgent even for a blogger and partly because it risks exposing even more of my arguably questionable musical taste than I do during the regular course of my online writing.

Simply put – hit ‘shuffle’ on your iPod (other MP3 players are, of course, available) and see which unexpected joys present themselves.

Paramore - the trio years.

1) “Playing God” – Paramore (from “Brand New Eyes”).  Probably not my favourite song from this record – I’m quite partial to a bit of “Brick by Boring Brick” and “The Only Exception”.

Feeder - the street corner years.

2) “Just The Way I’m Feeling” – Feeder (from “The Singles”).  It’s okay – again, not my favourite Feeder song.  Where’s “Come Back Around” when you need it?

Gama Bomb - the Battle Jacket years.

3) “New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C.” – Gama Bomb (from “Tales From The Grave In Space”).  Two minutes and sixteen seconds of glorious, tongue-in-cheek NuThrash from Northern Ireland’s finest exponents of the genre.

Trivium - the 'standing around moodily in B&W' years...

4)“In Waves” – Trivium (from “In Waves”). Music which actually came out this year – surely some mistake.  The NWOAHM noiseniks crash back in with expansive, forward-looking, widescreen metal shenanigans.

Yellowcard - the 'defies captioning' years.

5)“For You And Your Denial” – Yellowcard (from “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes”).  From the pre-eminent masters of violin-assisted punk-pop tunefulness and their latest album.  Anecdotally, a great tune to listen to when you’re on the tram on the way back from Sheffield’s Cineworld multiplex and trying to block out the 14-year-old gangsta seated across from you who has seen “Scarface” one too many times.

What larks – anything untoward popping up on your playlists of late?

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