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Reports of Nintendo’s death may have been exaggerated…

Oh, Bitter Wallet.  As well as providing me with ample consumer guidance and much in the way of Teh Lolz, you also find time to make with the excellent trolling.

Nifty hand-held or harbinger of corporate doom. Probably more the former, actually...

Witness the latest in their ‘Deathwatch’ series of posts, which seeks to update us on which retailers and organizations are ripe for the chop, in these times of austerity and penury – they’re only calling out chuffing Nintendo.

Yes, the 3DS didn’t set the world alight – is this more down to that market being well-and-truly overrun by smartphone games and tablet titles than shortcomings in Ninty’s platform? – but it’s not quite the White Elephant that many people would wish it to be.

Nintendo were pretty much in the same position when their Gamecube console arrived last gen and failed to win the hearts and minds that the N64 grabbed and they seemed to turn that around with the success of the DS and the Wii.

Nothing to see (yet), please move along…


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Microsoft Fall Dashboard 2011 – now with curiously silent video

Ooh, it's all sleek and new. And I'll bet you people still complain there are no blades...

Joystiq ran this story earlier, but their video (currently) directs to wholly unrelated You Tube trailer for a Shmup. As I wouldn’t want you to be deprived of illumination, here’s a leaked video of the new Xbox 360 user interface – nicknamed ‘Metro’ as per the design for Windows 8 – which is due to reach an Xbox near you on November 15th, or soon thereafter.

If you’re not a gamer, this will mean nothing to you – imagine that you switched on your TV tomorrow morning and found out that you’ve got a new way to navigate around the functions on it and there was an outside chance that it was better than the one you had the day before.  That’s what we’re talking about.


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“Call of Duty” – Insane, Gamer Rage edition.

Not big, not clever but that kid might think twice about trash-talking online again...

Unemployed Brit gamer Mark Bradford needs to explore anger management.

Joystiq today reports that Bradford, 46, became so enraged by a 13-year-old boy killing him in games of “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and his constant online taunts that he tracked the child down to his home address and assaulted him.

Putting aside the fine example offered by a parent who lets their child play “Call of Duty” online, this is a fairly disturbing story and one which perhaps reinforces the idea that you might want to be a bit more careful when you call out people on PSN, Xbox Live or PC gaming sessions for being cheap, camping douches who noob tube and don’t play the game properly.  It also confirms the worst prejudices of many people in society who see gamers as maladjusted, rage-aholic nut-jobs who are a harsh word away from gunning down the people in their office because they screwed up a ‘capture the flag’ match.

Not many people emerge from this story with much in the way of honour, but the key thing to remember is that this guy’s an ass first and a gamer second.  Everybody gets yelled at on Live by 13-year-old boys but not everybody has the absurd desire to track down the little buggers in real life.  ‘Real life’ being the key phrase here.

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Game Transfer Phenomena

Eurogamer reports today on Game Transfer Phenomena – the latest academic attempt to draw a causal line between our behaviour in our everyday lives and the influence which art and popular culture can have upon it.

Is this real life?

For the most part this is fairly benevolent stuff – people wanting the “Half-Life 2” gravity gun to get something far off and bring it closer, a gamer who wanted to use “Prince of Persia”s time-rewind mechanic to pick up a dropped item.  Who hasn’t idly entertained such notions?

Leave it to the frigging douches at the Daily Mail to arrive at the most negative positive interpretation of the study (you can Google it if you like, as I don’t want to give those asinine ass-clowns the benefit of even one click-through to justify their existence).

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Your UK games chart for September 12th, 2011

Zombies beat Space Marines – news at eleven.

That's it, I'm bloody calling ABTA...

Per the story over at Eurogamer today, the first weekend of the Autumn Games Apocalypse (TM) saw big-hitter titles like “Dead Island”, “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” and “Resistance 3” battling for domination at the top of the UK All Formats Games Chart.

And, as intimated above, Techland/Deep Silver’s controversial Zombie-slashing RPG “Dead Island” made it a one-two for new IP as Relic/THQ’s “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” entered the all-format charts at the top spot and second place, respectively.   Sony’s “Resistance 3” reasserted the popularity of the series and platform by scoring a fourth place debut – last week’s number one, the multi-format Ubisoft “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” slipped to third.

Played One, Skipped Two - time to catch-up with part Three?

In related news, Game are now stocking new release Blu-Ray movies  as well as the gaming titles that their name suggests – you can pick-up your copy of the new “Star Wars” blu-ray from their locations alongside your copy of “Gears of War 3”.  HMV selling more iPods than CD’s, Game selling BDs – whatever next?


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Crytek’s “Warface” gets a trailer – how’s your Korean?

Shooting random strangers online in the face - bringing gamers together since 1993

Crytek’s Asia-targetted free to play FPS, “Warface” now has a trailer for the closed Beta .

At this point, the game is still directed at the Asian market – competitive multiplayer being quite the thing in South Korea and China – with no sign of a Western release planned.

Ladies, Gentlemen – if you have them, fire up your VPN’s.

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Max Payne shoots down your front door in March 2012

He's back and his overly-florid inner monologue is PISSED...

Still waiting for some news on Rockstar Games’ PS3 exclusive, “Agent”?  Yeah, me too.  The good news according to VG24/7 is that another Rockstar game is actually being released –  “Max Payne 3 has escaped the internal Rockstar when it’s done” approval process and is finally due out in March 2012.  Here’s a poster to tide you over until that rumoured October gameplay reveal shows it’s hand…

Would sir like blood with his blood?

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