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My 2011 Games of the Year.

Everybody’s doing it – why shouldn’t I?

At Number Five – Bethesda’s fantasy co-op adventure, “Hunted – The Demon’s Forge”.

Not the most polished or original title of the year, but oddly compelling nonetheless.  There was something really engaging about the low/gritty fantasy setting, the bickering and mis-matched mercenary duo posh Elven warrior E’lara and gruff barbarian Caddoc (voiced by the always reliable Graham McTavish).  This isn’t a game which will change your life but it’s certainly worth a rental and ends on quite the cliffhanger – which looks unlikely to be resolved in a future release as this title can charitably be described as having ‘flown under the radar’.

At Number Four – Epic/EA’s sci-fi shooter, “Bulletstorm”.

On the face of it, this skill-focussed shooter from Polish developer People Can Fly seemed to operate in the same territory as Epic’s other sci-fi first person action series, the always bromantic “Gears of War”, but even ten minutes spent in this colourful, gleefully profane, absurdly over the top universe was enough to reassure most players that this game really was its own, ten storey, razor-toothed beast.

There was a little forum chatter about the game’s loutish protagonist, disgraced mercenary Grayson Hunt and what a terrible, misogynistic, macho power fantasy he represented – Duke Nukem says hi – but that seemed absurdly overblown to me.  This game’s nominal hero is clearly the butt of every joke and his belligerence is always his undoing – the female lead in the game, Trishka, is clearly drawn from the same cloth as many female warriors in games (where her clothes are lacking, there’s usually an ammo belt or gun to hide her modesty) and gets to save the day and drive the plot at least much as Hunt does.

I’d be absolutely up for a sequel if the numbers justified it to EA.

At Number Three – Epic Games and Microsoft Games Studios’ “Gears of War 3”.

A surprise to me that this climactic entry in the series landed so comparatively low on my list.

It was in so many ways the most polished and well-made game in the entire series, boasted lots of new and utterly gorgeous environments and introduced characters from the wider “Gears” universe into the game for the first time – hello Jace and Bernie – but still didn’t quite click with me.  I finished it with little difficulty, didn’t look at the multi-player portion of the game and traded it.

I can’t say that it was a bad game at all, just one which left me ultimately a bit cold.

At Number Two – THQ and Relic Entertainment’s “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine”.

This game really managed to scratch the third person action itch that “Gears 3” failed to do.  A great and long-established sci-fi universe rendered brilliantly by a developer with lots of experience making PC titles in that world, making their first console action game and getting the awesome Mark Strong to voice the lead and then finding that their publisher released it a couple of weeks before the 800 pound gorilla that is the game at number three on this chart – this game had a lot to recommend it and then was undone by insane marketing decisions.

This game focussed on an admittedly linear game design and compelled the player to play in a specific way which may have annoyed some but I stuck with it and loved the whole campaign.  Even delved into the multi-player a bit.  Get me, venturing online to have myself struck down by random strangers.

At Number One…

Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment’s “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception”.

I whined a lot about the shooting, complained some more about the enemy artificial intelligence – standing there to present an easy target one second, moments later developing ninja stealth skills by some happenstance to flank you and mercilessly shoot you into the middle of next week – and generally threw my toys out of the pram in response to flaws that I felt made the game artificially difficult and borderline broken in some sections.

A patch did away with the shooting issues in the campaign and the rest of the game was so damned good that it didn’t matter that one aspect of the title needed to be worked on post-release, with the assistance of the community and by a developer who acknowledged that the fixes needed to be made (Hi there, Bethesda and “Skyrim”).

This game did everything that the landmark second entry delivered so successfully – great storytelling, massive action on a cinematic scale, a gloriously beautiful game world rendered in eye-popping, budget not spared style and technology underpinning everything that you’d give your wisdom teeth to see employed by other devs – and somehow managed to eke a bit more out of the PS3’s architecture to make the system’s definitive title a cut above the rest.

“Gears 3” on the Xbox 360 approached the beauty of “Uncharted 2” on the PS3 – “Uncharted 3” leaps frogs both platform’s new and existing high points and delivers truly beautiful moments and cities that are a pleasure to put the pad down to just look/gasp slack-jawed at for thirty seconds at a time.

It’s easy to be blase about Naughty Dog have done with this series – when game two is a massive leap forward from the already accomplished first title, the pressure becomes that bit greater for the developer to move the paradigm on and deliver an interactive entertainment experience which doesn’t only improve on their own previous work but which also lives up to the claims that fans have made for it.

I’ve told people who don’t play games that this is a series which underlines why I frequently now go to PS3 and Xbox titles for the thrills that in years gone by I might have found in a Spielberg or Cameron film.  Naughty Dog, to me, are the equal of those established film-making icons and regularly deliver titles which surpass any big-budget Hollywood studio film in terms of entertainment and excitement.

I don’t believe that this franchise necessarily needs the pseudo validation that a film adaptation allegedly bestows, even though it’s apparently going to get one, helmed by the director of this year’s “Limitless” – its already more inventive, exhilarating and witty than any comparable film series is and it’s the film community which needs to up it’s game to catch up with Nathan Drake and co.






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2011 – a completionist’s tale

Yep, that's me that they're shooting. Fun times...

“Gears of War 3”, “Uncharted 3”, “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine”, “Singularity”, “Bulletstorm” – campaigns done and dusted, multiplayer mostly left untouched (still making progress through “Uncharted 3”, really should try out some more “Space Marine”).

What have you finished this year – and is finishing games important to you?  If you’re not enjoying something, do you just put it down or persist with it in the hope that it gets better?

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Charlie Brooker 4, Modern Warfare 3

Fun fact. Charlie Brooker actually looks like this in real life...

Erstwhile screenwriter, telly face and gaming curmudgeon Charlie Brooker is at it again. And as usual, he’s got a ruddy good point.

You might remember him from his various BBC series – “How TV Ruined Your Life”, “Newswipe” and his one-off special, “Gameswipe”, or in his capacity as the creator of Channel Four’s ace reality telly/zombie mash-up, “Dead Set”. He’s also one of the few Guardian columnists whose byline I actively seek in the paper, chiefly as he never loses a chance to integrate games and gaming into the papers’ general arts conversation.

His latest column tackles “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” intelligently and asks a simple question that has probably occurred to most games players at one time or another:

Why am I playing this game, when the protagonist is such a weapons-grade tool?“.

Yes, he's got a mohican haircut. In the Military FPS genre, this passes for characterisation...

So often in games, movies and novels set in this genre, we’re asked to accept at face value that we should identify with characters whose sole notable feature is an ability to field-strip an assault rifle blindfolded and to p spout inane, frat-boy one-liners largely inspired by the killing of enemy combatants, the inevitable, imminent slaughter of said enemy combatants or the destructive force of the military hardware which will be used to wipe enemy combatants from the very face of the planet.

It’s all a bit dull, really – and it’s where I can’t get excited by the “Battlefield” and “Call of Duty” games. I don’t want to be these guys, so the idea of slogging through a five-to-six hour campaign in the company of people who’ve read too many Jack Ryan novels and taken them far too seriously isn’t exactly my mug of Senseo.

I’m not saying that all game protagonists must henceforth be replaced by variations on this guy:

The bard of self-deprecating urbane whimsy

But wouldn’t it be more interesting to play one of these games with a protagonist who isn’t built like a brick outbuilding and whose sole interaction with the world is to pepper it with bullets, knife slashes and tactical nukes?

I realise the irony of saying this given my preference for the bald-headed, space marine genre of third-person action games but there again, I don’t want to be those characters, either.

If games are supposed to be offering me wish-fulfilment and an escape from the pressures of the real world, they’re doing a bang-up job on the second point and a piss-poor job on the first part.

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“Gears of War 3” – second DLC announced.

Got your “Gears of War 3” season pass yet?  Me either.  I wasn’t entirely convinced by the promise of the first “Horde Command” add-on (out in November) but the second one – the just-announced “Raam’s Shadow”-  seems like it might be more to my liking.

It's the master of disaster, Sera's Reaper, the Locust with the mostest - General Raam!

A three-hour side-story which lets you play as the antagonist and Torque-bow sponge from the first game, “Raam’s Shadow” also adds 250 sweet cheevos, new protagonists and – be still your hearts – chocolate weapons.

Chocolate weapons?  Toblerone Lancer? Twix Hammerburst? The mind boggles.

It’s due out on December 13th, by which time I might have made some actual progress in ‘Horde‘.  Hope springs, and all that.

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“Gears of War 3” first DLC details.

Beaten “Gears 3” already?  Bludgeoned “Horde” and bested “Beast” modes?  Merrily chain-sawing a swathe through the multiplayer?

Joystiq has your back.

Hey Bernie? What's up? Other than the body count, that is...

Their post details what to expect from “Horde Command on November 1st, as Epic release the first DLC pack for the game, with video from X-Play.

It’s going to cost 800 Microsoft Space Credits or is included as part of the Season Pass, pre-order DLC shenanigans that you can sign up for.

I’m really enjoying “Gears 3” as I plow through it in hour-long increments – though I wasn’t expecting THAT major character to pop their proverbial clogs at THAT point in the narrative.  I nearly dropped my Cornetto, I’ll have you know.  I suppose it was inevitable, but that didn’t make it any less, well, deflating…

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Gears of War 3 – Cliff speaks!

Sir Clifford Bleszinski, architect of active-reloaded mayhem and badassery...

As part of what I may retrospectively title “Gears of War 3” week, here’s a link to Aisha Tyler’s excellent “Girl on Guy” podcast, which this week features Dude Huge himself, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski.

The “Gears” awesome?  It is overflowing.  Look at all that juice!

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“Gears of 3” steelbook unboxing

What's in there, I wonder?


Why, it's one of those new-fangled, "Gears of War 3" steelbooks...

Commando Dom bonus DLC multiplayer character skin

What the inside looks like...


Yep, that’s my copy of “Gears 3” alright.  Just got to beat “Space Marine” and I’m all over that game…



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Gears 3 deal update

Squeak! Money off "Gears 3"! Squeak!

Via the mighty Ugly Geezer on Twitter – “Gears 3” is £25.00 at Morrisons when you buy 2100 Microsoft Space points – for a total of £43.99.  Pretty darned good if you’re into Gears multiplayer and, more so, if you’re going to pick up the Season Pass.

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“Gears of War 3” – best UK deals

Dealspwn have a post on their site at the minute rounding up the best UK prices for “Gears of War 3”.  If you want to grab the game new, Best Buy seem to have the best price online at the moment, at £32.99.

Know of better deals - drop 'em in the comments...

If trade-ins are more your thing, HMV will give you “Gears 3” for £1.99 if you trade-in “Dead Island”, or a fairly standard £37.99 if you rock up and buy it full price.  The next best deal seems to be Game’s offering of £4.99 if you trade in “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine”, “Driver: San Francisco” or “Dead Island”.

Of course, the supermarkets haven’t yet weighed in what they’re going to charge…

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“Gears of War 3” reviews are in…

…from Eurogamer, The Daily Telegraph (!), The Guardian, The Toronto Sun, OXM UK and the man Ryan McCaffrey at OXM US.  Based on 30 reviews, the Metacritic currently stands at a fairly convincing 92 out of 100.


Image via the prodigiously talented FootballMac at the Epic/Gears forum

Bring. It. On.


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