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Hypocrisy? In the IMF? Surely some mistake…



Christine Lagarde of the IMF – redefining irony for a new generation…

Christine Lagarde, scourge of tax evaders, pays no tax.

Oh, Ms Lagarde, thank you for making this blogging lark so much easier. ¬†It’s always such a delight to get unsolicited advice from spectacularly self-righteous career diplomats making over $500K a year, paying no taxes on it and telling us how we should best weather the current financial storms affecting the planet.

Such absurd pay is all part and parcel of the ‘attracting the best talent from the private sector‘ model which all global governments now have to follow so slavishly (a notion so asinine that it can only have been the work of private sector consultants eager to score ongoing government contracts and talking a blue streak at some hapless mid-level bureaucrat in order to do so). ¬†Because, adopting everything that the private sector does is SUCH a good idea, right?

Do you ever get the feeling that modern life is but the stuff of a spectacularly absurd Onion front page headline, only you can’t quite bring yourself to laugh at it?


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