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George Lucas sets the record straight.

Isn’t it good to know that you’ve been wrong all these years?

Somebody who can't shoot for toffee. And Jango Fett.

In an interview over at the Hollywood Reporter to promote this weekend’s 3D re-release of “The Phantom Menace”, visionary CG tinkerer George Lucas informs us once and for all that we collectively imagined the classic moment in “A New Hope” where  Han Solo shot alien bounty hunter Greedo in cold blood (don’t click this YouTube link as there’s nothing there, what with Han Solo not shooting first and everything).

All of these years that we’ve laboured under the misapprehension that crafty space rogue Solo did something morally dubious which made his character interesting and what do you know – it’s all down to the wrong camera angle being used. Or something.  Glad that’s sorted out – I’d hate to think that George’s incessant need to piss about with “Star Wars” had clouded his judgement (the very idea!).

Elsewhere in this Heat Vision blog interview, George offers his thoughts on SOPA, 3D and the fifth Indiana Jones film in a fashion which is almost comprehensible (for somebody who writes professionally, this interview demonstrates that he’s not capable of making a lot of sense in a one to one chat).

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