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“Green Arrow” character pic online

Remember how the CW were going to transition from their long-running “Smallville” series to a another show featuring a member of the Justice League – Green Arrow?


That’ll be Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, privileged billionaire turned bow-wielding enemy of crime.  The suit looks pretty faithful and Amell appears to be rocking a goatee – I say ‘appears’ as whoever agreed on the promo picture appears to be under the impression that our first impression of t’Arrow should be murky and difficult to make out properly – won’t somebody pay the electric bill in that photography studio?

No news yet on a full season pick-up – though if the CW have any sense, they’ll get this one on air to grab some of the DC crowd who were so loyal to the adventures of Clark Kent. 



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CW’s “Green Arrow” has a Black Canary

Casting moves ahead on the CW’s “Arrow” series, don’t you know?

That’s “Arrow” as in “Green Arrow”, in case you were wondering – are the CW trying to prevent any non-geek confusion with “Green Lantern” by ditching the colourful honorific in the title?

Your Oliver Queen is being portrayed by this cat –

But can he shoot a bug off your nose with an explosive arrow?

That’ll be Stephen Amell, who’s previously been in lots of things that I don’t watch, like “Private Practice” and “Hung”, and he seems like a handsome enough fellow who – seemingly like just about everybody working in Hollywood – is Canadian.

And your Dinah Lance/Black Canary is –

Katie Cassidy - CW mainstay, now in "Arrow"...

Katie Cassidy, who had a memorable recurring turn as Ruby on “Supernatural” (aka, ‘that show which I keep recommending to people who think that it’s just going to be glowering cute boys facing off with demons’).

Your proverbial safe pair of hands, director David Nutter, is calling the shots on the pilot which we’ll hopefully see in the Autumn, via entirely legitimate broadcast means (and not one of those inter-torrent thingies).

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New “Green Arrow” show for CW?

They've redesigned the character once - will the CW mix things up again?

Deadline (who generally seem to know their onions) are reporting that the CW are following their long-running series “Smallville”  by commissioning a “Green Arrow” pilot.

Apparently, this pilot will be an out-of-continuity effort with a story which doesn’t draw exclusively from the comics world – a sensible tactic, given that “Smallville” often seemed content to play more to the relationship aspect of Clark Kent than the rather more expensive and effect-intensive superheroic side of the Superman mythos.

Guess this means that David Goyer’s “Green Arrow” movie is a goner, then?




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