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Five Strings of Doom!


Via Neatorama. ¬†Isn’t it…pretty?

Well, pretty if Dragons and general fantastical nerd paraphernalia are your bag (Clue? Yup).

This is a custom five-string bass, made to order for a customer in Thailand by American Luthier Emerald Guitars.

If you’re going to get a guitar made, I guess it pays to go big, make it truly unique and specific to who you are and what your music’s about (I’m thinking sweet, lunatic Power Metal with lots of songs about heroically questing and the like – course, the owner could be in a BritPop cover band, but I can’t see it somehow).


Perhaps the owner of Draco should think about playing with Takamizawa, lead guitarist for Japanese progressive rock band, The Alfee, whose Angel Sword guitar is pictured above?

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