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Sony’s PS Vita Euro launch brings games, derisive laughter…

Nathan Drake can outrun the criticism, but can Sony Computer Entertainment Europe?

Edge magazine’s website  has a story today about the European software line-up for the Spring 2012 launch of their PS Vita hand-held console and it makes for sobering reading.

As in, “I’m pretty sure that I’m sober and this press release says that Sony want to charge £44.99 for a 16GB memory card”.

Games are priced from £24.99 to £44.99 (Yep, “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” fetches a premium price, as you might expect) and memory cards start at £17.99 for a 4GB unit.

Have Sony followed the late Steve Jobs’ example and constructed their own reality distortion matrix which believes that gamers are going to pay those prices?   And they wonder why the mobile gaming audience has migrated to iPhone/iPod Touch gaming from the traditional Sony and Nintendo mobile game platforms?




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