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Hirsute “Man of Steel” trailer defies snark, loves Malick

Gritty, crime-ridden mean streets? Check.

Great news, everyone – there’s now a proper trailer for the 2013 blockbuster perhaps best described as “Terrence Malick‘s Kryptonian Reverie'”

We had a first look at Zack Snyder, David Goyer and Christopher Nolan‘s “Superman” reboot, “Man of Steel” in the summer  this year when a brief, impressionistic first look was attached to prints of Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy-capper,  “The Dark Knight Rises“.  As we near the end of 2012, and next summer’s action extravaganzas are beginning to make their play for our eyes and ears, it’s no surprise that Warner Brothers have placed Krypton‘s last son front and centre with this 2 minute and twenty seconds trailer due to play before “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” from Thursday.

That Malick comparison won’t yet abate, as the imagery in the first part of the trailer which Snyder has chosen in collaboration with cinematographer Amir Mokri clearly evokes the bucolic world visuals which have become integral to Malick’s past few films.

A nice way of saying, perhaps, that it all looks very pretty and scenic for the first minute of the trailer, with the once and future Supes coming of age, developing his remarkable Kryptonian abilities and growing up into brooding, beardy boy-next-door, Henry Cavill.   The more impatient viewer might begin to drum their fingers at this point and wonder where the flipping action got to.

Big S

As is by magic, this is roughly when we bear witness to the Superman that we might reasonably expect to turn up – the alien champion of our planet, replete with redesigned uniform, super strength, gift of flight and moral compass set approximately to ‘Boy Scout’ (not that this is a bad thing, in my book – I’ve always been more of a Superman fan than a Batman devotee when it comes to DC heroes).

After doing a very reverent and perhaps underrated job of bringing “Watchmen” to the screen, it’s nice to see director Snyder getting to stage huge action sequences and not have to apologise for cutting loose with all of the toys at Warner Brothers’ disposal – this is a summer movie with $225 million to play with, so you can imagine just how eye-popping some of these quick-cut, slam-bang action moments are going to be in the end product.

Not that there was ever going to be any doubt that I would be going to see this film, but the trailer does a pretty good job of convincing me that my money will be well spent come next summer’s IMAX engagement…


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“Immortals” review floods in…

It would appear that Den of Geek’s writer really didn’t like it.  But Empire’s Helen O’ Hara  didn’t mind it as much.

Ooh, stylish.

I’m talking about Tarsem Singh – one of the few working film makers today who could be called a visionary without fear of being contradicted – and his latest exercise in style-as-substance, the mythologically-inspired, in- 3D-because-no-one-demanded-it-except-the-accountants epic, “Immortals”.

New Superman, Henry Cavill heads a cast which includes Freida Pinto, Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz, Mickey Rourke and Stephen Dorff in a tale of mortals being manipulated by the Gods in a war of the heavens.

If you think that you’ve already seen this film, I sympathise with your confusion – you’re perhaps thinking of Louis Leterrier’s shrill, equally star-embiggened and ultimately under-whelming remake of “Clash of the Titans”, which somehow did well enough to get a sequel in 2012, despite nobody that I know having a good word to say about it.

No vest on earth may restrain the ab-tacular shenanigans on display!

This telling of classical Greek mythology doesn’t feature Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes apparently channelling a Norwegian Black Metal band frontman or lovely, multi-storey Kraken action – this is the one that looks like “300”, only directed by Tarsem Singh, the bloke who made wretched Jennifer Lopez serial killer vehicle, “The Cell”, eye-popping fantasy “The Fall” and famously, REM’s iconic “Losing My Religion” video.

Having viewed the various trailers for this film, I got the sense that we would at least be getting to see a film which was at least visually sumptuous, if one that was lacking in coherence and coasting on the eye for production design and staging which has seen Singh through most of his previous films – “The Cell” had an astonishing look and little else to commend it bar a genuinely nasty tone, “The Fall” was gorgeous, moving and quite original.

Frieda Pinto - she's quite winsome, don't you know?

The early reviews, as you might have seen above, are mixed.

I like Singh’s style but I’m not convinced that he’s the right guy for this kind of film – painterly compositions and visual flair may just get in the way of the non-stop blood-lust and violence which “Immortals” promises in extremis – behold this quite Not Safe For Work, Home or the Easily Disturbed clip hosted at Screen Rant.

See – there’s a distinctive clash between the style, the costume design, the set decor and, oh, the bloody heads and torsos being hacked about left, right and centre.

It’s just a little off to me and I’m now not so sure that I’ll go to see it, even if it does look a bit like “God of War – The Movie”.

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Geek News, October 7, 2011

I kind of prefer the Kristen Stewart version, weirdly...

“Entertainment Weekly” have some pictures in their current issue from the Tarsem Singh “Snow White” project – this is the one with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, not the competing one with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth (which looks a bit more interesting).  Still, those Tarsem colours, huh?

Den of Geek, meanwhile, has set pictures from the Vancouver set of Zach Snyder’s “Superman” reboot, “Man of Steel”.  For some as yet unknown reason, Henry Cavill has gone the ‘Jesus Hobo’ look.  It’s a look, I guess…

From "21 Jump Street" teen idol to multi-generational icon. Nice work if you can get it.

Empire reports that Johnny Depp is filling up his dance card – he’ll be the lead in a biopic of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr Seuss and star in a new version of Dashiell Hammett’s “The Thin Man”.


Topless Robot, meanwhile, have some updates on the imminent “Batman – Arkham City” game – meet Robin, everyone, or ‘Tim Drake’ as he’s known to his mum.

Single-handedly erasing those terrible, Chris O' Donnell memories...

Finally, Digital Spy has a trailer for season two of “The Walking Dead”, which returns to FX in the UK on 21 October, at 10:00pm.


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