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Hijinks? They Ensue…


Over at ace web comic Hijinks Ensue  – if you’re not reading it, how can you even consider yourself a proper nerd? – creative imagineer, Mac fancier and awesome dreamweaver Joel Watson is running an experiment with continuity in his comic which means that there’s never been a better time to hop on board and delight in his astute and hilarious observations on geek culture, out and out depravity and what not.  The only thing funnier than his comic is his podcast which went on hiatus as it was deemed likely to injure through excessive laughter and hilarity and so banned in several countries as it constituted a weapon of mass distraction.  True story.

It’s an “Avengers”-themed strip this week – go on, click through, you know you want to…

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“Terra Nova”? No thanks.

What if you had a great idea for a tv series and did nothing with it?

For me, the Steven Spielberg-produced “Terra Nova” is one of the most disappointing tv series of the last few years – it’s a prime example of having a great, compelling sci-fi idea and then irrationally deciding that the best thing to do with it is to ignore all of that complicated sci-fi guff and just tell uninteresting stories about the world’s dullest family and their inane soap opera relationships.

Over at Hijinks Ensue, Joel Watson has been thinking about the same series and has a few ideas on how to fix things…



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‘Hijinks Ensue’ breaks down that Whedon Shakespeare movie…

Well, it had to happen – Joel Watson at Hijinks Ensue has a peak into the mind of geek auteur Joss Whedon, on the occasion of his guerilla Shakespeare project, “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Image of Alexis Denisof & Amy Acker via Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The plan is currently for the film to make the festival route in the early part of 2012 before picking up a cinematic release – it would make an intriguing, ‘compare & contrast’ double bill with fellow Marvel director Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 version, wouldn’t it?


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A “Doctor Who” bar – it’s all about time (and beer).

Whilst browsing the ever-delightful (and delightfully filthy) web comic “Hijinks Ensue” today, erstwhile geek wit and gentleman of discernment Joel Watson introduced me to a wholly new thing which melted my noggin – there’s only a “Doctor Who” and Steampunk-themed bar in New York, which goes by the name “The Way Station”.

If you go to the Girl Gone Geek blog, you can read all about it.

...Amy Pond. Pub. Alcohol. Not good bedfellows...

It sounds awesome, to be honest.  An enterprising publican might even get my teetotal behind into such an establishment over here if their hostelry had some mad geek cred to entice me beyond the promise of free-flowing adult beverages.


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Awesome shirt of the day

I've seen the future, and it's an all-CG "Star Wars" with Justin Bieber as Han Solo.

Splendid web comic genius Joel Watson at Hijinks Ensue has another awesome shirt that you might consider picking up – it deals with a vitally important topic that I think we’ve all got an opinion on…

Seriously, if you’re not reading “Hijinks Ensue” on a regular basis,  you’ve got to examine what it is that you’re doing with your life.  It is the funny shizz (NSFW!), and the Hijinks Ensue podcast may actually kill you with laughter.

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