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Wolverine, Gangnam Style…

The cuddlification of Wolverine continues apace…

Korean rapper and stylish gent-about-town Psy gets everywhere, doesn’t he?  Including hanging out with that lovely Wolverine fellow (via the medium of his Human Life Decoy Model, Hugh Jackman).

Bound to be remembered as ‘that Gangnam Style‘ dude for the rest of his days, Psy’s tune is one of those things that you hear once and have running around your mind for the next few weeks.

So, you probably shouldn’t have clicked on the link above to his video.  Sorry about that.

Still, at least you have Mr Jackman’s next bout of Canadian Beserker rage to look forward to in “The Wolverine” next summer…


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“The Wolverine” gets a release date.

Wolverine's drive-clearing technique required work.

Things are moving apace on Fox’s next “X-Men” spin-off, “The Wolverine”.

Den of Geek reports that the studio has set a July 26th 2013 date for the sequel to 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, which is now being directed by “Walk the Line”/“Knight & Day” helmer James Mangold, previous director Darren Aronofsky having gone to his biblical Noah project:  Never one who’s afraid to mix things up, our Darren.

Now, THAT's how you take down a chopper...

My own misgivings on the first “Wolverine” spin-off being reasonably clear to guess, let me put in a quick mention for the tie-in game developed by Raven software, which was rather better than you might expect and is definitely worth a play through on PS3, 360 and PC if you can find a cheap copy – the 360 version retails for around £13-14 new in the UK, barely over a fiver if you’re buying it used.  I can only imagine that it’s a similar price in the US.

And it’s a way better use of your time than the original movie – bloody, visceral and more expansive in terms of story telling if not game play.

So, what I’m essentially saying is that Fox should jump hire Raven to make another Wolverine game and dump the twenty to thirty million into that enterprise rather than shelling out over $100 million on a crapshoot of a movie?  Seems about right.


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