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Bond 23 – “Skyfall”?

As production continues to advance on the next James Bond movie – it has a release date of October 26th 2012 in the UK – word reaches us that Sony Pictures have perhaps hit on a title for Daniel Craig’s next outing as 007 – how does “Skyfall” grab you?

Will it make any more sense this time around?

Empire reports today that Sony have been an internet domain-buying splurge, snapping up multiple versions of addresses with ‘Skyfall’ in the title.  Why is this significant?  The last time it happened, a similar array of internet addresses appeared online a matter of days before the announcement that “Quantum of Solace” was the title of Bond 22.

(Some wag on the NeoGaf off-topic forum noted that it sounds more like the title of an Activision Bond spin-off game and that’s a fair comment – I was a fan of the most recent “Blood Stone” outing up until this chuffing level, with its unkillable plane boss and missile-spamming shenanigans.

A digital James Bond at the office, yesterday...


I can’t wait to see what Sam Mendes is going to do with this film – he’s not the most immediate choice to helm a Bond installment but I’m intrigued to see what he’s going to do (what say you about the possibility of the director of the last few “Harry Potter” films, David Yates, taking a turn behind the camera?  That I would love to see).


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