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“The Crow” reboot inches forward…

More goth than Pete Murphy wearing black in a coal shed...

Well, thank goodness for that.

Film outfits Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company have kissed, made up and agreed to move on in partnership on the long-gestating reboot of James O’ Barr’s goth comics classic, “The Crow”.

Last heard of as a possible Bradley Cooper vehicle – the mind fairly boggles at the idea of Cooper in fright wig and face paint being a Dark Avenger – “The Crow” is now that bit closer to being rebooted to appeal to a generation who probably weren’t even born when the first film opened in 1994.

Cogitate on that factoid for a moment – by the time that a new “Crow” movie comes out, it could be twenty years since the first (and evidently best) instalment in the series opened.   How about that for making you feel oh-so-very-old and Goth Dad-like?

No news yet on who will write, direct or star in this dark fantasy – but if I were Juan Carlos Fresnadilla, I’d keep on eye on my iPhone…

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