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“The Hunger Games” trailer is here

May the odds be forever in her favour...

After a decent build-up, with carefully timed casting announcements, magazine covers and online hype-building aplenty, Lionsgate have chosen this, of all weeks, to release the first proper trailer for their grab for the “Twilight” fans allowance, in the form of “The Hunger Games”.


And it looks…pretty good.  I’m certainly more keen to see what looks like a decent dystopian SF movie, set in the wake of an unnamed catastrophe, with inoffensively pretty characters and an air of palpable menace than I am to see the continuing romantic entanglements of Whiny Girl, Sir Abs-a-Lot and The Haircut.

I’ve read that the first novel is the only one to bother with, and on the evidence of this trailer, I might have to give it a whirl.

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“The Hunger Games” – a teaser awaits you…

Now that Harry Potter has vanquished Voldemort for the last time and  “Twilight” has but two films left in its yearly cycle of routinely busting blocks, studios are looking left, right, and centre to find a suitable young adult novel series to hopefully add some black ink to the annual bottom line.

Cue Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy.

Think "Battle Royale" for teens who don't do subtitles...


There have been set pictures (see above), “Entertainment Weekly” cover stories and even a motion poster – now there’s actually some live action footage to enjoy.

If you pop over to SFX (nice people, they introduced me to Mrs Rolling Eyeballs), you can behold all one minute and 3 seconds of preamble and actual Katniss Everdeen action.

Should tide us over until the end of the year, when I imagine we’ll see something a wee bit more substantive.


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