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Oh, The Romanity!

Erstwhile public enemy number uno for enraged Capcom fanboys and gals the world over, Paul W.S. Anderson has taken time out from his busy schedule of making feature-length cosplay reels for his good lady wife and has announced his next project – an epic romantic adventure disaster movie set amidst the chaos and spectacle of Pompeii on the day that property values went bye-bye.

“I’m not wearing skin-tight rubber jumpsuits, Paul.  End of.”

Game of Thrones favourite soulful bastard son Kit Harington is in negotiations to star and do his best Leo DiCaprio impersonation as a young, delightfully coiffed slave forced by plot contrivance 101 the undying call of true love to venture into the city and rescue his forbidden sweetie as Pompeii falls victim to the harsh vicissitudes of nature and several terabytes worth of CG angry molten death.

Who could want for more from life than the auteur who brought you “Mortal Kombat“, “Aliens Vs Predator” and those “Resident Evil” films using historical tragedy as a picturesque, gee-whiz backdrop for the juvenile leads of the piece to meet cute and get all snuggly-like?


As a confirmed cinematic masochist fan of Anderson’s brand of goofy genre fare, I’m already down for this doubtless 3D-assisted voyage through one of history’s darker chapters and eager to see just what somebody renowned for his visual flair and loopy action sequences is going to do with this backdrop and potential for widescreen spectacle.

Or Milla J. punching dudes in the unmentionables for two hours.  Either/or will be fine.

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