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Vote for this LEGO Firefly/Serenity project over at the LEGO CUUSOO site.  I need hardly tell you how much awesome this idea contains…

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Lego Avengers won’t Lego your heart…


Ah, bless – you couldn’t stay mad at a face like that.

Per Empire Online’s story today, you can soon dip into your flat deposit fund and snap up Lego-ised versions of The Avengers, the movie’s still enigmatic bad guys and some S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles, should you wish to.

No release date, yet, but if these sets and figures aren’t in a Toys R Us near you come the beginning of May, my name isn’t Fluffrick (well, you know…).

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One Block To Rule Them All…

The Precious...


Via Topless Robot comes a picture which words can only taint the real beauty of.  Yes, “Lord of the Rings” Lego sets are real.  And glorious.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to be camping outside Toys R’ Us with other nerds of questionable sanity for a while…

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