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Run To The Hills!


Tired of Olympic hype?  Try living in the UK.  Your humble (and normally quite reasonable) blogger has had it up to his Musketeer-style chin beard with all things sporting after a year or so of relentless build-up to London 2012 and would happily go into suspended animation until the whole thing is over.

Go Jess!

As a dyed-in-the-wool, adopted Sheffielder, I obviously wish Jessica Ennis well in her heptathlon campaign but I really would rather ignore the vast majority of the Olympics – a feat made quite challenging by the approximately 906 channels being devoted by the BBC to the imminent hostilities  glorious sporting spectacle about to unfurl.

To distract those of you who can’t get that excited by athletes doing things slightly more quickly than they did them previously, take in the joyful image above of Iron Maiden‘s mascot Eddie, as originally found on the Metal Hammer website.

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Matt Smith – he does running now. Running is cool.

Leave it to our tiny planet’s most fervent defender to get in some Olympics action.

Yep, TOTALLY getting why he’s a nerdy lust object from that picture…

Not content with being a kooky and suave master of awesome, time-tripping whimsy, current Doctor Who Matt Smith is going to be running with the Olympic torch in Cardiff on Saturday 26th May.

And with a gait as astonishing as Matt’s undoubtedly is, who can blame the organisers for scoring some valuable publicity points by enlisting a celebrity who might actually do a better job at this athletics lark than some of the nominal pros.

If the London 2012 Olympics organisers could somehow be convinced to build a corridor around the 100 metres track this summer, my money would be on the lanky dude with the bow tie winning that event convincingly.


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Olympic Property Boom

I'm guessing Iron Man was busy. Or not real.

Missiles stationed on top of flats – UK News – MSN News UK.

Well, it’s one way to deal with those annoying drunk first-years who were seemingly born without volume control when alighting from their cab at 1:00am.

Having noticed the amount of armed police in London whenever I’ve been travelling through the more tourist-packed areas of the city, it doesn’t come as much surprise to learn that the London 2012 organisers are making it clear that any potential terror threats are going to met with an appropriate counter response.

This underlines to me one of the most undeniable truths about the forthcoming Olympics – if you had anywhere else to go whilst the Games are on, why the hell would you want to stay in the Capital?  It’s going to be a nightmare to move around, the normal tensions of city living are going to be ramped up 200% and on top of that, the top of your apartment building could end up looking like a “Call of Duty” level objective.

No thanks!

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