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New Deftones record in October?


It’s not all swords, Power Metal and European men with prodigious levels of facial fuzz in my music collection, you know.  I have been known to listen to bands not from Holland, not fronted by warbling ne0-diva femme fatales and who formed in the nineties.  To wit – awesome lead bellowist and unintentional Greg Grunberg lookalike Chino Moreno is tentatively promising a new Deftones record before 2013 arrives (and makes the Mayans look like numpties).


In an interview with an Argentinian radio station, Moreno confirms that pre-production is complete and recording is due to start imminently, with a release scheduled for the early part of the autumn.

2010’s “Diamond Eyes” was pretty damned stellar – unless the band have secretly committed to recording an album of Michael Buble and Aqua covers, the chances are that this new record will continue that enviable quality streak.  In related news, Sergio Vega will continue to sub in for indisposed Chi Cheng – with much love for Sergio and his work in the current Deftones line-up, I hope that there soon comes a day when he’ll have to look for another gig…

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