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Lou Reed is smarter than you.

Watch this blog get an adult content advisory now because of this picture...

The reviews have not been kind.  The fans are somehow even less diplomatic.

Die! Die! Die! But buy our record first...

Surely somebody must like Lou Reed’s collaboration with Metallica, “Lulu”?

Of course “Lulu” has a champion and that valiant soul is one Lou Reed, who mounts a vigorous defence of the collaboration by challenging the intellect of his critics.  That course of action has always been the best gambit for emerging triumphant in a free and frank exchange of views, as anybody who’s ever had a playground fight will surely attest.

He's a rock n' roll animal, you know...

Few will ever call this their favourite record by either artist,  but I have to say that I have a place in my heart for projects like this which are at least trying to do something unexpected, singular and defiantly individual.  Not Lou Reed enough for the down town art set, not horn-throwing enough for classic ‘tallica fans – so probably interesting in its own right, then?

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