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Merry Mutant Merry-go-round


So, Matthew Vaughn has apparently left the X-Men First Class sequel, “Days of Future Past… and I’m actually okay with that news.

Not a slam against the Vaughn – I’ve enjoyed everything that he’s directed – nor a dig at the franchise either (I’ve just received the first movie on Blu Ray for my birthday), just slight excitement at the news of whom might be taking over Vaughn’s director’s chair.


Why, that’s looking remarkably like Bryan Singer, erstwhile director of X-Men, “X-Men 2” and The Usual Suspects, coming back to save cinema audiences from the horrifying prospect of Hacky McHack Brett Ratner being tasked with helming the sequel.

It’s all completely unofficial at this point, but the idea of Singer coming back to Prof X’s cheery band of super-powered social pariahs to steer a story which apparently intersects with his original take on the Marvel heroes has me nodding appreciatively and believing that Fox isn’t full of buffoons after all.

Vaughn, meanwhile, is believed to be taking on another comic book adaptation, this time of old mucker Mark Millar‘s ‘Secret Service’ which – my goodness – he’s already had a hand in the writing of.

It’s a small world – but I wouldn’t want to paint it ((C) Steven Wright).

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“The Avengers” – a reading list


Just seen “The Avengers?  About to see “The Avengers” for the fourth or fifth time?  Not entirely sure who these “Avengers” folks are and just what all the fuss is about?  Don’t worry about it – Den of Geek has your back.

DoG’s writer James Hunt has compiled a handy cheat sheet for reading material which might tickle your fancy after viewing Joss Whedon‘s face-meltingly awesome superhero adventure and I heartily concur with some of Hunt’s choices.  Just be forewarned that the list can be considered rather spoiler-filled if you’ve not yet seen the film and have been observing radio silence prior to its release.

Right off the bat – check out “The Ultimates volume one and two.  You’ll find them very familiar if you’ve seen any of the Marvel Studios films.  Whedon’s film feels like a cover version, to some extent – bits and bobs from the original comics appear in the film, but he hasn’t slavishly copied anything and invents some other plot strands which are as satisfying as the ones weaving their way through Mark Millar‘s story.   Whedon’s tone is also distinctly different from Millar – compare Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Hit Girl from Millar’s “Kick Ass” and you might sense that the two writers approach an empowered heroine from distinctly different viewpoints.

The Whedon run on Astonishing X-Men is also worth your time – it fell victim to scheduling delays, which rather rankled, but was quality storytelling for the most part from a writer who genuinely loves the comics medium and its history.

If you fought the action in "The Avengers" was nuts...

I was really into the Marvel event “Civil War”, which would arguably make a better movie than comic – the spectacle and hero against hero conflict is inherently dramatic and there’s a chance to fix the somewhat underwhelming ending of the story if it gets a big screen makeover, too.  You can almost see the roots of this story being set down in “The Avengers” – I’ll not spoil your experience of the film by saying any more…

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