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“Mass Effect 3” voice cast revealed…

So, not the latest PopCap game, then?

So, “Mass Effect 3” is nearly with us – roll on March – and the hype train is thundering away with the force of a Normandy doing a hard burn to avoid a Reaper vessel.

Not that I freaking love these games or anything.

As I gnaw my fingernails to the quick in the hope that I can some demo action going soon, I’m sating my Shepherd-based squeeing by watching this video revealing the cast of “Mass Effect 3”, via those saucy Topless Robot monkeys.

I don’t know that it’s necessarily a spoiler to tell you that Martin Sheen, Seth Green and Tricia Helfer are returning, but I confess to being fairly surprised to see IGN host, Podcaster and RPG nut Jessica Chobot rounding out the voice cast.

See - Chobot! In "Mass Effect 3".

I’m somewhat bummed that she’s not voicing a Krogan – ’cause Krogans are awesome – but happy to see a fellow Siouxsie and The Banshees fan getting her props.


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