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“Avengers” Assemble new trailer…

Is it the end of April yet?  No?  Oh well, I suppose that I’ll just have to make do with this new trailer for Joss Whedon‘s upcoming “Avengers” movie.

Hulk like trailer! Trailer full of Hulk Win! Hulk smash aliens good!

Of course, you’ll be noticing the odd title change that the film’s had in Europe – presumably so as not to convince the three people who went to see the ill-advised Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman “Avengers” movie back in 1998, the Marvel film is now “Avengers Assemble” in my neck of the global woods.

Well, at least they're not calling it "Super Happy Marvel Team Up Explosion", I suppose...

So, why not head over to our friends at The Mary Sue and get your face smacked up by the new hotness?  If you have Fan/Nerd/Geek Squee, prepare to unleash it.

Guys, what was that thing about Joss Whedon randomly killing us off for giggles?

Once you get past all of the urban combat stuff which looks neat but uncomfortably close to the mise-en-mayhem of Michael Benjamin Bay, there’s a bunch of new stuff in this trailer which had me air-punching and chuckling at the massive scale madness and the toys that Whedon has to play with.

Hawkeye, in the air, shooting arrows at suckers, like a boss...

There may well be a distinct lack of posting on April 26th, by way of an advanced heads-up – it appears that I’ll be too busy picking my jaw up off the floor to do much in the way of blogging…


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“Avengers” Superbowl trailer tease


Because I’m that much of a Joss Whedon fanboy and can’t wait to see “The Avengers” movie, here’s a blink and miss it tease of the trailer which will play during some sportsball-based event or other this weekend.

As I’m going to be on holiday on next week, I may not get the chance to see the full trailer for a while but this indicates that all of my superhero-related needs are going to be met in full.

Avengers Assembling? Check.  Lots of things being needlessly blown up whilst panicked office workers run away from them and try not to look into the camera?  Check.  A kooky, ‘dutched’ angle of ScarJo apparently included solely to reduce my compadre D-X into a pool of lovesick, watery whimsy, “Amelie”-style?  Check-a-mundo.

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02/01/2012 · 4:50 pm

Empire magazine goes “Avengers” cover crazy…

One of Empire magazine's four "Avengers" covers for their March 2012 issue...

Because I’m a massive swine, I’ve not linked to the Scarlett Johansson cover – if you hit up the story on Empire’s website, you can take a look for yourself at the FOUR (count ’em) cover images being used on the magazine’s March 2012 issue.

Yes, I know that it’s still January, but the publishing industry moves mysteriously and is frequently beyond our ken.

“The Avengers” opens on the 27th of April in the UK – if I was the kind of Geek who queued way in advance for movies, you would be reading a blank page now.


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Who asked for a Fantastic Four reboot?

Reports circulating this weekend are suggesting that the director of forthcoming ‘found footage’ superhero movie “Chronicle” –  a trailer can be found hereJosh Trank is the front-runner to direct Twentieth Century Fox‘s reboot of their Fantastic Four franchise.

Putting aside the fact that the only reasons for Fox to so eagerly pursue a reboot are that (A) Chris Evans is otherwise engaged , (B) they need another superhero franchise to fill those “X-Men” sized holes in their release schedule and (C) they want to prevent the rights from reverting back to Marvel, is anybody really calling out for a reboot of this comic series on the big screen?

I was quite fond of the first movie in the series and enjoyed the second instalment even more – neither were exactly Shakespearean in their scope and storytelling, but then they didn’t pretend to be.  At heart, the Fantastic Four have always been a dysfunctional family and the two films we’ve seen to date did a perfectly good job of making the FF bicker like brothers and sister on a particularly long road trip.

The reason that I note this is that some of the directors previously linked to this reboot – Joe Carnahan, David Yates and James McTeigue – are not the kind of film makers that one generally summons if you’re wanting to make light-hearted, summer adventure fare.  We’re talking darker, grittier and more adult fare when you want to hire those guys, and none of those adjectives exactly say ‘Fantastic Four’ to me.

Fox’s recent efforts at making superhero adventures have been variable in quality – for every superb X-Men: First Class, we’ve had an X-Men: The Last Stand or – shudder – X-Men Origins: Wolverine“, mediocre products of multiple levels of misguided interference.

Are we really to suspect that the studio will be able to resist the temptation to meddle with the property and not turn it into some ‘me, too!’ variety, Christopher Nolan-aping , would-be operatic glum-fest?   Nolan’s a one-off, married to the right project, to wonderful effect.  Chasing the ‘mature comics’ dollar didn’t exactly work for “Watchmen”, so why would Fox think that it might for Reed Richards and co?


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“Avengers” set pictures

Loving Black Widow and Hawkeye, not so sure about Cap's look

Nifty, eh?  More pics from the New York “Avengers” shoot can be drooled over at Just Jared and ComingSoon.net – and in fairly great quality, too.

At the risk of sounding as though I am typing this post from a dank corner of my mother’s house’s spaciously well-appointed basement, I am so hyped for this movie that I risk blathering like a fool if I were to continue writing.

As ever, I have faith in Joss Whedon.  He’s living proof that the geeks inherit the earth.

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